week 5(20): a litany of firsts

Firsts are the theme of this week. It’s actually almost exhausting how many firsts I had. New things can be scary, and I have exercised an over-abundance of caution in how I approach things these days. I hope I can move past that.

Sunday – pt exercises

Sunday was a quiet day. I think we just sort of sat around and watched TV and puttered around the house. Sometimes, that’s just what we need.

Monday – physical therapy

First thing Monday morning, Mr PugRunner schlepped me off to PT again. I was scheduled with my less favorite PT, and man, did he put me to work. No more mild bike warmups, and then lots of manipulation and table stretching. On Monday, I balanced on my injured leg, worked on wide lateral steps, took more time with the balance board and did all kinds of terrifying things.

Nothing hurt, but I was scared, especially with the lateral moves. The accident messed with my head more than I realized, but these are the firsts that need to get checked off.

Tuesday – pt exercises

When Mr PugRunner brought little man home from clarinet, he had a surprise for me. Our friend loaned me this sweet knee scooter to help me out when I get too tired to walk.

running fomo

That evening, I hit checked off another of the firsts. We had a parents Scouts meeting, and I managed to get into a pair of jeans! This is a huge deal: it’s hard fitting things over swellings, splints, braces and boots, so jeans are a win!


Wednesday – pt exercises

The meeting of the night before left me fairly exhausted the next day. I took it easy, focusing on my towel stretches and balance.


There was a work meeting I had to take and let’s not forget another check mark in the list of firsts…

My first TENS unit.


Thursday – pt exercises

Thursday was the big day: SOUPer Bowl Day! I was so nervous about attending such a busy event with the purpose of running social media, but emotionally, I had to be there. Of course, I chilled for most of the day, to bank as much energy as I could, and when it was time, the whole family headed over.

This event is a soup-tasting fundraiser organized by students at a local high school, and in partnership with Hugs Across the County. The goal is to help put an end to student hunger in our county. There are over 400 attendees, and 25 local chefs and restaurants, as well as volunteers and local sponsors and businesses who come together to make it happen. The event raised almost $40,000 for the cause and I was so honored to be a part of it.


Friday – physical therapy

After a late night, I was worried about what PT on Friday morning would hold. It ended up being a good session. It seems my therapists don’t always agree on what I’m comfortably ready for. This time, we talked a lot about my mental and emotional hang ups, and I felt better about some of my fears.

With the Sisterhood Conference coming up, I slid in to get my nails done. I don’t do a lot of self maintenance on the regular, but I’ve been super neglectful of everything since the accident: no hair, minimal makeup, and pjs/athleisure attire everywhere I go. I am making the attempt to clean up a little before the event and got my eyebrows done and made a hair appointment for next week, too.

Saturday – recumbent bike + elliptical

Little man is have a fun weekend with my parents again,


so we took the opportunity to clean up around the house, bathe the pugs and go to the community gym.

Mr PugRunner made me drive.

I haven’t driven in over two months. The PTs have asked me several times if I have attempted it, but the answer has always been a “Hell, NO!” I am terrified to be behind the wheel. It’s been so long and I am so scared it will hurt. This is not one of the firsts I had any intention of hitting this week.

But I did it. I hated it. And I cried. I don’t want to do it again. Something something about getting back in the saddle.


After my recumbent bike time, my plan was to try the elliptical. I was only able to tolerate five minutes, as that’s when my right glute started chattering at me, but other than that, it went well.


Not for all the time, but it was nice to mix things up.


So many firsts! It was good week – it felt like a little much, but I can definitely see my energy levels increasing. I am confident I will be able to manage the Sisterhood Conference this week, and I’m excited for the change of pace and the break.

walking unassisted

This week, I am looking forward to covering my grays, getting a new style, and learning lots of new, awesome stuff about blogging. I am also excited about my next two PT sessions. The therapists are both going to be thrilled that I drove, even if it was less than a mile, and it’s always nice to get thumbs up for progress.

In other fun news, I am joining up with five other wonderful bloggers for the Runners’ Rundown, on Wednesday! I hope you will link up and join us!

runners' roundup

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How was your week in training?

Any firsts for you this week?

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