week 9 (20): recovery progress

On this gorgeous Sunday, I am so happy to report I am feeling some serious recovery progress. It has been a LONG time coming, but something clicked this past week and my hopes are high.

It’s been very easy to lose track of the recovery progress I’ve made. I get stuck feeling very behind and “wrong” and suddenly, everything was very right.

Sunday – gym (bike, elliptical, weighted squats)

I’m continuing with my plan to get in cardio and gym time on my non-PT days, and doing quite well. This is absolutely part of the recovery progress plan, and I’m proud that I’m staying on track. In addition to strength and rebuilding muscles, my endurance needs some work. I’m humbly reminded of this every time I get on the elliptical. I added weighted squats to my 15 minutes of cycling and 12 minutes of elliptical (I’m no longer feeling discomfort in my right glute!)

recovery progress

After a weekend at camp, little man came home to us. He had a fabulous time with great weather. I love that every campout leads to him being more confident and sure of himself with his skills.

recovery progress

Monday – physical therapy

On Monday, I drove myself to PT. While I’m still not going far, I do have some of my independence back, and that’s certainly encouraging. The session itself was great, too. The PT and I both saw marked improvement in my balance, and I think that’s what set me on a much more positive path this week.

recovery progress

Tuesday – gym (bike, elliptical, core)

Now that things were feeling better, I started bumping up my times on the cardio equipment: 20 minutes on the bike and 13 on the elliptical. It’s nowhere near as entertaining or motivating as running, but it’s something. I was tired afterwards, but still got in some crunches and flutter kicks.

recovery progress

Wednesday – gym (bike, elliptical, weights)

Off to the gym again in the morning and I added another minute to the elliptical. It’s exhausting, but I’m feeling so much more dorsal flexion in my right foot and my leg isn’t getting quite as tired. This is all so positive. Upper body came left with some upright rows, hammer curls and shoulder presses.

recovery progress

That afternoon, rather than being tuckered, I felt energized. My right foot felt more flexible, and not quite as cold (since the surgery, that one foot has felt freezing cold to the point that I always have to wear a sock or slipper). I can sleep in even more positions than a week ago, and I can even sit with my right leg tucked up! Winning!

In the evening, I had a meeting for volunteers for a local 5K. I haven’t been able to put in quite as much time with it this year, but I am still helping as best I can.

Thursday – physical therapy

Usually, my PT sessions take place in the morning, but I had a small event for a client on Thursday morning and had to push my session back. It was my first attempt at doing it in the afternoon, but it ended up being my best hour yet.

recovery progress

All the good feelings from yesterday persisted. At the end of my hour, my PT pointed out how well thing are going and how I’m looking really strong. We agreed that balance and strength building are the two big things we need to work on, even though my balance is visibly better. She then asked if I could do heel raises on just my right foot. It’s something I haven’t been able to master at home, so she said just to try right then and there.

And would you believe? I did one! It wasn’t high, but it was enough to count! So she told me to do ten before leaving and I was on cloud 9! Talk about seeing recovery progress!

Friday – Sea World field trip

Prior to my fall, Mr PugRunner and I had both volunteered to chaperone the 6th grade field trip to Sea World. As luck would have it, we were both selected to join. The teachers in charge were fine with me being in a wheelchair, and so we decided to be good sports about the whole thing.

We ended up in a group with another adult and five students, and it ended up being a fun, though long, day. Chaperoning middle schoolers is way different than elementary students, but it was very rewarding in its own way.

recovery progress

The weather was perfect, the kids got along great, and the crowds were fairly low. We drove our own vehicle with another parents (the kids all had to take charter busses to the trip) and then we checked out our kids and one of their friends and drove home on our own. It was a fabulous, exhausting day, and I couldn’t wait to shower and get in bed.

Saturday – rest

For about a minute, I thought about getting up and going to the gym, but I was bone-tired after the field trip and decided to make Leap Day a rest day.

My parents have been getting over an illness, but have finally recovered so they came for a bit of a visit and we shared an early dinner. It was so nice to see them.


I have one confession about my recovery. Over the last few days, I’m sort of forgetting that I am dealing with an injury. I like to think of it that walking and getting around are becoming ingrained back into my subconscious, rather than something about which I need to be mindful. This is great. Really.

Except I was going down the stairs (injured foot first, and then step together with my left foot), and I completely forgot about my step together. I realized, halfway through the motion, what I was doing, tried to correct myself, and ended up slipping on the same heel! Since I do navigate the stairs with a death grip on the wall and railing, I was able to catch myself, but my heart was in my throat until I was steady again. I’m still counting it as recovery progress.

Other than that, I’m feeling better and better and looking forward to see where this week will bring me!

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