what’s on my spring bucket list?

Normally, my spring bucket list would be full of really fun races and travel. April is always a great race month, and I would probably have one scheduled for every weekend. You know, if things were normal. Which they are decidedly not.

spring bucket list

So what’s on my Spring Bucket List, other than races?

Help Get My Family Through This Difficult Time

We are entering our second week of the COVID-19 situation and we are struggling. I am trying very hard to hold everyone together. Mr PugRunner’s business is definitely taking a hit. Little man is beside himself without his regular activities and interactions. Last week was his Spring Break, and this week is in limbo. We shall see what happens with online learning next week, but I’m hoping to let him just have as much fun as he can to deal with the uncertainties and anxieties. We miss my parents, but we have decided not to see them due to their age and not wanting to put them at risk.

ReStart Couch to 5K

I am giving myself a month to feel ready for Couch to 5K, and then I am going to go for it. In preparation, I am working on my leg strength and ankle flexibility. I don’t know if it will ever be perfect, but I will get it as close as I can. Couch to 5K is a great program – I’ve used it before and I think it will be a great way to ease back into running.

spring bucket list

Write Something Publishable(?)

At the end of the day, I’m a writer. I’ve had the rough bones of several books rattling around in my brain, and just never had the time to do anything about it. Maybe now is the time? I don’t know. It’s hard to work with all the background noise, but what if this is the time to pump out something worthwhile? What do I have to lose?

spring bucket

Purge and Organize the House

Now is the perfect time to clean out the closets and get rid of things we no longer need. The trick for me is managing to navigate the heavier boxes and bags, as I’m still not back to 100% with my leg. I’m not in a huge rush. I was hoping to renovate our office but that’s dropped to the bottom of the priority list with everything going on. It’s not a bad idea to start with cabinets and drawers, and go through all the clothes and items that no longer fit or we no longer use.

spring bucket list

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What’s on your spring bucket list?

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