it’s a bling thing

The truth is, I run for bling. You might say it’s a bling thing. There are times I choose (or reject) a race event completely based on the medal, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.


Why the Bling Thing Obsession?

The reason for my bling thing obsession probably has to do with the fact that I was never athletic. I was overweight, uncoordinated and lacked a killer instinct. Now, I earned trophies and ribbons for equestrian skills (I was a fairly decent jumper back in the day) and for my dazzling skills with dramatic poetry interpretation on my high school Speech & Debate Team, but that was about it.

When I found running, seven years ago, the idea that I could actually earn a medal for training hard and crossing a finish line was a huge motivator. Maybe it’s silly, but I loved getting to have a piece of every race to take home with me and hang on the wall.

bling thing

Bling On Display

As a result, every medal I have ever earned hangs in our loft (Mr PugRunner has some hanging as well). Each race I have run has a story and I love reminiscing over each event. These medals remind me of miles I’ve run, friends with whom I’ve traveled, cities I’ve visited, and so much more. From 5K to marathon, relay to race challenge, every medal has a place on my display rack.

bling thing

Extra Motivation

Now, more than ever, that bling on display serves as a motivator. When I pass by, I am reminded of what my body could do before I broke my leg, and it serves as a motivator for me to do my PT and workouts. We all have our proverbial carrots, and I cannot wait to cross my first, post-injury (post COVID-19) to prove that I can do it again.

bling thing

My Favorite Medal Holder

All our medal holders are from York Sign Shop. I happened to come across their site several years ago and just really liked the look of their product. The quality is on point, as well. I’m about due for another one, and I think I’m going to go with something like this to help display my “bling thing” earnings.

bling thing
courtesy of York Sign Shop

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Do you have a bling thing?

What do you do with your medals?

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