the road to recovery with rollga foam roller

I was gifted a Rollga Foam Roller for my personal use and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Part of the running journey is, interestingly, the road to recovery. It’s something to which we runners could probably pay a wee bit more attention. I know I am one of the worst offenders, but coming back to the world of running after a major injury means I can’t ignore my recovery process anymore.

Enter the Rollga Foam Roller.

rollga foam roller

Size Matters

The first thing I noticed about the Rollga Foam Roller is that it is LIGHT. I have other rollers that are great, but they are heavy, bulky, and unwieldy. Not so with the Rollga. It’s almost weightless, and not particularly large or cumbersome.

rollga foam roller

Rollga Benefits

In my running journey to date, I have tried or used a variety of sticks and rollers. They all have their benefits and negatives, and some I have loved more than others. My roller relationships can best be described as “love-hate” because rolling can be uncomfortable. It hurts so good, but that doesn’t detract from the discomfort.

Rollga touts its benefits as follows:

  • Protects the Spine, Hips, Shins, & Achilles
  • Cross-Directionally Targets Trigger Points
  • Naturally Restores Fascia Lubrication
  • Restores Movement
  • Stimulates Oxygen-Rich Blood Flow for Healing
  • Omni-Directional Force Reduces Fascial Fuzz
  • The Only Targeted Joint Relief Roller
  • All the Benefits of a Flat/Bumpy Roller But With More Specific Targeting

The Rollga Experience

The “Standard” Foam Roller from Rollga was also intense, but not painful. Curves and contours, constructed from foam rather than hard plastic or other unyielding materials, dug deep hitting some much-neglected sweet spots.

My hips and glutes are definitely feeling the strain of my return to running. After so many weeks and months of militant dedication to PT, I’ve slacked on some of my squats and lunges, and I can feel tightness creeping in, especially on the right side. It felt great to be able to alleviate some of the tension that’s been sitting there.

rollga foam roller

Next up? My quads. Why not? I was able to fit those muscles right along the contours of the roller, and hooray for relief.

rollga foam roller

I even tried a light roll of my calves. With all the hardware in my right ankle, it was a little nervewracking, but I was able to control the pressure and very gently massage out the kinks and knots without bothering any delicate areas.

rollga foam roller

Take It To Go!

Probably most importantly is that this roller comes with a travel strap. There are exactly zero excuses as two why you can’t take the roller on the road with you.

rollga foam roller

In addition to a full complement of high-quality, reasonably priced foam rollers, Rollga offers a selection of activation tools, resistance bands, and other items for all your recovery needs. I especially like that they sell specialized packages, with all the items you might need for a particular purpose, like this “Home Recovery Kit.” I love when things are easy. It makes it much easier for me to stick to a regimen.

Have you tried Rollga?

Do you spend enough time on your rolling and recovery?

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22 Responses to the road to recovery with rollga foam roller

  1. I also have a love/hate relationship with foam rolling, but this does look like a good one! Now I need to go foam roll!

  2. This sounds great! I have way too many foam rollers. But thats a good problem right? No excuses not to roll. Except that my son thinks they are his toys so whenever I try to roll with him around he takes them from me.

  3. Rachel says:

    It’s so interesting you said it’s light. Because looking at it I’m thinking how dense and heavy it is! I’m actually in the market for a light roller so I’ll definitely check this out. Thank you for sharing!

    • runswithpugs says:

      SO light. Lighter than my yoga mat. I was a little worried I would smush it, to be honest, but its held up perfectly. Let me know if this is the roller you choose!

  4. I have not seen Rollga before. I also don’t roll enough and I know I should be better at it. Thanks for the great review

  5. I know I know I should. I don’t even own a foam roller.

  6. Debbie says:

    I love my Rollga too! I have a variety of foam rollers, massage balls, and massage guns and I really like most of them. I love the shape of the Rollga and how it helps get into the right places, if that makes sense.

    • runswithpugs says:

      Of the rollers I have, the Rollga just hits a little differently (in a good way). Like I said, I’m really nervous about rolling near my lower right leg, and this didn’t seem to mess anything up.

  7. I do most of my rolling with a beaded stick roller because it seems to apply just the right amount of pressure where it’s needed. This Rollga, though, looks like it would be awesome with all those contours. My quads are almost salivating LOL

  8. Catrina says:

    Nice review, thanks! Right now I’m rolling my foot on a spikey ball and I have two foam rollers in a box next to me.
    I should foam roll more often though! I find it quite painful, especially the quads… I like that your roller is long enough to roll both quads at once!

  9. I have the same roller and love it! I am trying to roll more lately!

  10. Laura says:

    That’s a cool looking foam roller! I have several, although my eight month old thinks they are all her toys. I try to roll a few times per week.

  11. Shathiso says:

    I love that it has those curves and contours – mine is the straight solid kind. Also, that it’s easy to travel with!

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