overhauling my skin routine with FRÉ skincare

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I have a confession: before FRÉ Skincare reached out to me, my skin routine consisted of soap, water, and coconut oil. Very basic. Since that day, things changed, and I’m here to share how the 123FRÉ system led to an overhaul of that regimen.

skincare routine

Back to my confession. Yes, some of it was laziness (not wanting to find and stick with the right products), but some of it was also sensitivities. While I have not been able to isolate a specific allergen, my skin reacts terribly to certain lotions, sunscreens, and even cosmetics. And it’s worth pointing out that certain fragrances make me nauseous or give me migraines. It makes finding a proper skincare routine challenging, to say the least.

Since I live in Florida, the Sunshine State, and I spend a great deal of time running and being active outside in that sun, it’s important to treat the skin well and protect it from harmful UV rays. To date, I’ve handled that by wearing long sleeve rash guards, baseball caps, and huge sunnies, and hoping for the best. Now, it’s time to step up my game.

123FRÉ – How It Works

The 123FRÉ System is comprised of Purify Me, Revive Me, and Protect Me, making it a simple to follow skincare routine. The system is perfect for athletes. They most often suffer from dehydration, sun damage, breakouts, and other skin issues exacerbated by active lives.

skincare routine

We start with the Purify Me, a hydrating cleanser. It’s a gentle, exfoliating scrub, with a nice lather, and is easy to apply in your post-workout shower.

Next up is the Revive Me. This is a light moisturizer, that nourishes skin with vitamins and minerals, leaving a healthy glow. I loved that Revive Me isn’t at all greasy, and dries quite quickly after application.

Protect Me is a daily facial moisturizer. It is SPF 30 and completely sweat-resistant. It’s not at all heavy, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t run into your eyes when out in the beating sun. It can be used in conjunction with Purify Me and Revive Me, or on its own.

skincare routine

I was very pleased that all three products had little to no fragrance (it’s very fresh), and that my skin looks and feels fabulous. Everything went on smoothly and absorbed quickly, which is great for my on-the-go, active lifestyle.

FRÉ Skincare Checks All The Boxes

Not only did I find FRÉ easy and effective to use, but I was also pleased to learn about its other benefits. Products are vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. They are all hypoallergenic, which is critical for someone like me, who doesn’t have time for itchy, ugly reactions. FRÉ Skincare products doesn’t clog pores, and it’s great for all skin types.

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Aside from these benefits, FRÉ Skincare proudly does its part to give back to the environment and strengthen the women’s empowerment movement. For every set sold, FRÉ plants an Argan tree in Morocco. Not only does this replenish the endangers Argan forest, it also supports the women who harvest Argan oil. I love to support companies that believe in making a positive impact in the world. FRÉ Skincare gives so much back to women and our planet.

Are You Ready to Overhaul Your Skin Routine?

Are you an athlete or active person looking ito upgrade your skin routine? Consider giving FRÉ a try. It’s perfect for active lifestyles, and does a fabulous job keeping delicate skin healthy, nourished, and glowing!

From now through July 3, save 45% on all FRÉ Skincare sets with my affiliate link. It’s the perfect time to try something new or stock up on your old favorites!

fre skincare

Have you tried FRÉ Skincare?

What is your daily skin routine?

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