week 33: first day of school + new normals

And after six months, little man is “back” to school. In some ways, it is a huge relief: we have some routine and some structure in our lives again, and he has another productive way to spend his time. However, we are also figuring out new normals in their very bizarre year we are having. It’s all just a big round of “take it as it comes.”

Sunday – 3.00 miles, walking

I started the week with a quick walk.

And then we packed up our things and headed to the beach. We found a new-to-us spot, which was so secluded and beautiful, and we ended up spending most of the day just relaxing there.

Wellness Month Day 16: DIY a beauty treatment from your kitchen. I ended up whipping up this brown sugar and coffee scrub. It’s a little stronger than I would like, but it exfoliates well, and definitely gives a bit of a pick me up to my skin.

Monday – 3.71 miles, walking

What’s that saying about “never miss a Monday?” Well, I got right out there. And even dropped a plank.

It ended up being just a rainy day at home. We worked on organizing things for the first day of school, and I made some rainbow shortbread cookies in honor of the big day.

Wellness Month Day 17: Tame Your Mane. Well. This didn’t happen. I thought back to days when I could get my hair cut, and then picked out a color and style I think I might want when I do go get it done.

Tuesday – 3.7 miles, running + 1.84 miles, walking

Hooray for good runs! We actually overshot our distance by a bit, and didn’t realize it until we were almost to four miles. Whoops!

Wellness Month Day 18: Practice Meditation. Meditation is 100% not my thing, but I put in the effort. I sat outside, closed my eyes, and just tried to focus on nothing. It was weird.

Before I went to bed, I set out some back to school goodies on the desk. It’s always nice to have a little surprise on a big day.

Wednesday – 3 miles, walking

Happy First Day of Seventh Grade! I took a quick walk so I could get home for his first session.

And got home just in time for his first ever online morning announcements. He got about 40 minutes of overall instructions on procedures and how to get ready for Monday, and…. that was school for the day.

Actual classes will start tomorrow. So that was that. We went geocaching, and grabbed lunch while we were out.

By request, I made ramen for dinner. This boy loves ramen and is totally excited for this new ramen restaurant that is supposed to be opening near us.

Wellness Month Day 19: Light A Candle or Diffuse Some Essential Oil. I am not a candle person, but we do use Scentsy warmers on the regular. Easy peasy.

Thursday – 3.5 miles, running + 1.62 miles, walking

We managed to keep things on track this time around, and another super strong run and cool down walk.

Right after my shower, I had to go to the dentist. I was pretty sure something was wrong, and since I am terrified of the dentist, I really had to work myself up to the appointment. Turns out nothing was wrong (????), but I did schedule a cleaning for a few weeks from now.

That evening, my friend came over so we could do some painting. Paige Payne Creations offers watercolor tutorials on her IGTV, and so we wanted to give it a shot. We drank wine and worked hard on the orange blossom project we selected. Part of me wants to do it again, while part of me thinks it’s a framer.

Wellness Month Day 20: Watch A Documentary or TED Talk. Does Shark Week: Naked and Afraid count? Because that was something else! I’ve never seen any of the Naked and Afraid shows, so this was quite the experience.

Friday –  3.53 miles, walking


We packed up the car and picked up our friends and returned to our secluded beach spot. It was just a perfect day. The currents were crazy strong, but the kids boogie boarded, and we just enjoyed a breezy, overcast day. Afterwards, we went out for lunch and ice cream, and honestly, it was just wonderful.

Wellness Month Day 20: Share Your Wellfie Selfie. I don’t think it gets more wellfie than this.

Saturday – 4 miles, running + 1.47 miles, walking

Yay for four miles! I was kind of dreading this run, but it ended up being pretty great.

It was kind of a rainy day, so I read and napped, and then in the evening, we had BBQ with some of our neighbors on their huge back patio. Again, stayed up way too late, but had lots of great conversation.

Wellness Month Day 22: Go On A Wellness Date With A Bestie. Well, my wellness date was with myself. A nice run followed by a nice shower and nap. I’m not complaining in the slightest.


Once again, weather has been a factor in everything we do. The storms generally start around noon, and that just kind of ruins the rest of the day. We have a few tropical storms brewing into hurricanes, so we need to keep an eye on those.

The Wellness Challenge for August is still on. Are you playing along?

Mr PugRunner handled his own protein bowls again. I don’t know our plans for the rest of the week, but I’m sure we will figure it out as we go.

I am linking up with the Weekly Rundown, with Confessions of A Mother Runner and Running on the Fly! Check them out!

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How was your week in training?

What are some of your new normals?

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28 Responses to week 33: first day of school + new normals

  1. Cari says:

    Totally agree on the wellness date. Naps and baths have been wonderful at the weekend, although a challenge to get back out the door sometimes.
    Love how your nails nearly matched the cookies. Looked like Luna was trying to ecape back to school

    • runswithpugs says:

      Luna is always trying to escape to something. A is in class right now and has her in his lap. She keeps looking over his shoulder at me with her big, sad eyes. “Freeeeedoommm!!!!” she is saying!

  2. Liz Dexter says:

    Lovely pics and well done on the distance. Glad back to school is going as well as it can be!

  3. meditation is so not my thing either. I aspire to tackle it one of these days. Good luck w the back to school this week. It’s diifferent for sure but I think your guy will be just fine. Thanks for linking up and have a great week

  4. Yay on the running! I know how hard you worked to get to this point and it’s so much fun to tune in each week on your progress. The watercolor is a framer!

    • runswithpugs says:

      I appreciate that. I know it’s not the fastest or most interesting, but the fact that I have been able to get from horizontal to running four miles is pretty crazy to me!

      I am going to frame it.

  5. I hope your son has a good experience at school this year! I am trying to get into the dentist but they are backed up and not even taking appointments. I’ve been having issues for months now and my cleaning that was supposed to happen last spring got cancelled.

    • runswithpugs says:

      That’s crazy. I called at 6:30PM and they had me in at 9AM the next morning (and I was clear that it wasn’t pain or an emergency but just something I wanted checked). For the cleaning, they could have me in in three days, but I actually pushed them back a week. It’s insane how different the regions are.

  6. Kim G says:

    I love that you left your son some goodies on his desk for the first day back to school! This is such a weird time, especially for the kids, and I’m sure he really appreciated it. Glad that the first week went well.

    I actually just went to the dentist this week for my 6 month cleaning that was supposed to be back in April. I was a little nervous before going but they have awesome safety procedures in place so I felt safe during the appointment.

    • runswithpugs says:

      I just wanted there to be some kind of celebratory feel. We are trying to keep it as positive as we can.

      The safety precautions at the dentist seemed fine. I just don’t want to be there LOL!

  7. Jessie says:

    I love these wellness challenges! Simple but effective.

    Great job on those runs this week!

  8. Coco says:

    A secluded spot on the beach sounds divine! Hope school is off to a good start. You self-care focus sounds perfect for this time of year I’m sure there will be hiccups, but you will get through.

    • runswithpugs says:

      Most of our beaches aren’t that crowded, regularly, but this was just so empty.

      I am sitting in on his first “live lesson” and while there are some technical hiccups, it’s just so cool. What crazy world in which we live.

  9. I’m kind of wishing the New Normals would plateau for awhile LOL My last three weeks have been on the topsy-turvy spectrum. Hope the new school year goes well!

  10. Pretty sure my husband can tell I’m over cooking. And I like to cook! I just want someone to do it AND clean up (not make a bigger mess for me to clean up).

    You’re so creative. It’s amazing! Not just the painting (I used to do that, but not water colors) but in every area of your life.

    A secluded beach sounds divine!

  11. Michelle D. says:

    Looks like a great week all around! How nice to have found a secluded spot on the beach – I so miss going to the beach this summer.

    I hope your son has a great school year!

  12. Wendy says:

    I spy Pachinko! I read it this month and it was so good!!!

    I also spied Takis and while the nurse practitioner in me cringes, the mom in me admits to buying them for the boys too, lol!

    Great week and good luck to your son on 7th grade!

  13. Marcia says:

    Hope your son has a great school year! All hell sort of broke loose here yesterday with a Zoom outage AND our wifi going down. Lol. This remote learning thing will be interesting for sure. Love the iea of the coffee/sugar scrub!

  14. You did a lot of fun things for back to school! I need to get moving on that because our school starts next week. I can’t believe it’s my daughter’s senior year! What a way to start out. We do have a cross country meet and a football game (marching band for my son) on the calendar in the first week, so fingers crossed these events go well and continue into the year!

  15. Shathiso says:

    All the best to Little Man as he enters 7th grade! I’m loving your wellness challenge. Today, I walked into a store for some sunscreen lotion and on a stand by the door was a hydrating mask. Just grabbed it and now really looking forward to trying it out!

  16. Hope your son has a productive year.

    Meditation is not my thing either. At least you tried.

    Love your painting…you do have talent!

  17. I am so excited for your son and hope he has a great year!!! My first day is Monday with the students. Yikes! Not ready at all.

    I LOVE, LOVE your painting. You did a great job. So beautiful.

  18. I hope that by now LM is back in the swing of things with school. Were you expecting the first day to be so short?

    I’ve had my hair done once since the pandemic (cut and highlights) and I’ve had my brows and lashes dyed twice. My salon has so many precautions in place that I feel quite comfortable.

    I think your picture is a framer! Nice job!

    • runswithpugs says:

      We had the schedule, so I knew it was just one class. However, there are a lot of assignments to turn in and so he has to manage his time that way. It’s going to be a process.

      I haven’t even attempted to go for nails or eyebrows.

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