week 35: happy labor day

Happy Labor Day to you! Normally, I’d be lining up for a 5k, but, yeah. Things are different this year. Everything is different. Did school get better? Yes. Did other things fall apart? Yes. We are hanging in there (sometimes by a thread), but doing what we can.

Sunday – 3.88 miles, walking

Another quiet Sunday. I got in my walk.

The weather has been so awful and stormy so no one really feels motivated to do very much. And quite frankly, I’m tired of always being the cheerleader and cruise director. I was just fine sitting on the couch.

Wellness Month Day 30: Try something out of your comfort zone. I feel like so many thing are out of my comfort zone these days. After some back and forth, I sent a cold pitch to a company with whom I’d like to work. It was agonizing, and very much out of that comfort zone. Fingers crossed.

Monday – 3.88 miles walking

With the start of another academic week, I treated myself to a long walk AND some iced coffee. I needed the fortification.

A worked hard, and even spent some time doing school with his friend, who is also in the virtual program. He is still catching up to some of the expectations, but maybe it’s happening?

Wellness Month Day 31: Share What You’re Grateful For. Everything. My family. My friends. Our health. Love. The list is pretty endless.

Tuesday – 3.5 miles running + 1.56 miles, walking

We had a great Tuesday run. I really look forward to runs when I have a buddy. It makes everything just a little more manageable.

School progressed decently (bizarrely, math days are good days around here).

And then, disaster. As I posted last week, our oldest pug Bentley suffers from some chronic issues. He woke with some light hacking (normal for him this time of year), which sounded a little deeper than normal. We scheduled an appointment for Thursday. By late afternoon, his breathing and wheezing just worsened, and in the matter of an hour, we realized that things were very much out of our hands. Our vet advised us to head to the ER. There was a bit of shuffling as we figured out who was going and who was staying, and A and I tearfully kissed and hugged our boy goodbye.

We all know how this ends. His trachea was breaking down. It’s something that can happen in senior dogs, especially brachycephalic ones like pugs. Our family is crushed.

Wednesday – 2.41 miles, walking

I couldn’t bring myself to get up and go downstairs in the morning. The fact that Bentley wouldn’t be down there, waiting to devour breakfast just about broke me.

We all agreed to take a semi-easy day. I only walked 2.41 miles, and I was so grateful for all the love everyone has shown us.

In the evening, instead of clarinet and karate, we went out to dinner downtown. We just wanted some time as a family, and we toasted to Bentley and his life. It felt nice to be spontaneous and get out of the house, where something is noticeably missing.

Thursday – 3.5 miles, running + 1.55 miles, walking

We had a good run. I was able to vent a little about my sadness and my over-emotional state. It was nice to get that out, and I am appreciative of friends who let me.

The weather turned nasty quite quickly, and so after school, we just chilled at home, working on A’s lanyard inventory. We had a call with his homeroom teacher – once a month, we check in to make sure he is on pace and getting done everything he needs.

In the evening, I had a round table meeting for Scouts. The BSA faces some new and unusual challenges this year in recruitment, but I am positive they will come through.

Friday –  rest day

What? A rest day?

Though I thought about canceling, I had planned for a little Mimosas + Moms shindig in the driveway. Last year, when we sent the kids off to school on the first day, a few friends and I went out for breakfast and mimosas. We couldn’t do the same this year, but I wanted to recognize some of my friends and how hard they’ve worked keeping it together over the past months.

After completing his work for the week, little man went to the skate park with his friend. My parents swung by for a quick front porch visit. And that was Friday.

Saturday – 4 miles, running + 1. miles, walking

I ran a little and I cried a little. That’s how it goes.

When I was finished, I had to take another quick trip to the store for more lanyard supplies. And then we headed to Atlantic Beach for lunch. A’s Language Arts teacher has been sharing Edgar Allen Poe with the students. I have mentioned that A loathes reading and Language Arts is his hardest class. However, this teacher is somehow reaching him (I have listened to the classes, and he’s amazing), and I am rolling with it. There is a Poe’s Tavern in AB, so we had fun looking at all the EAP theming and ordering menu items like The Goldbug and The Telltale Heart.


Week 2 of school was mostly better. We are still arguing over when to get things done, but something seemed to click late this week, and A may be fully and (mostly) independently on track.

My miles were down. It was understandable, but frustrating, too. I was tired and unmotivated and really preferred to just sit around in pajamas. It happens.

Wellness Month is over, and I intended to do a fun giveaway, but… it just didn’t work out this past week. Keep an eye on my instagram tonight, though. We are getting back to it!

I am linking up with the Weekly Rundown, with Confessions of A Mother Runner and Running on the Fly! Check them out!

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How was your week in training?

How are you enjoying the Labor Day weekend?

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