week 52: the last week of a bizarre year

Here we are! The last week of 2020! I don’t know if that’s going to be a good thing or a bad thing, but I am very hopeful that 2021 bring with it so many amazing things, and a shift. Truly, I need to believe better things are coming. It’s the only thing that’s getting me through.

Sunday – rest

I took two rest days this week, with Sunday being the first. Normally, I skip rest days altogether, but I just didn’t feel like setting the alarm, getting up, or being productive. Instead, we went to try a new donut shop, and it was absolutely the right call. Sometimes, a breakfast date is just the answer.

We had a few errands that took up the bulk of our afternoon and then we hunkered down with some Christmas movies. I love these holiday nights. I really do.

Monday – 3.78 miles, walking

Christmas week and I wanted to start strong! Oh, yeah!

I did some last minute Target pickup, and also started to secretly organize for wrapping. We also needed to get a jump start on the cookies. There is always something going on during Christmas.

Also, we decided to have a day of pet cleaning. I washed all the beds and bedding, and the critters, themselves.

Tuesday – 5 miles running + 1.74 miles walking + 2.30 miles, hiking

This was a busy day on the fitness front. First, we headed out for a morning run, and yes, it was cold again. It was also stupidly humid and my legs were so heavy. Boo.

Some friends met up with us at the Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens. Now that it’s not quite so hot, I hope to go on more hikes during the week.

These trails were particularly gorgeous, and we got in a few miles on the available loops.

I am excited for our next hiking destination.

And cheers to ugly sweaters!

Wednesday – 3.80 miles, walking

It’s Festivus for the rest of us! Festivus is the annual airing of grievances and feats of strength! I didn’t have any grievances (surprisingly), but I was happy to try my strength with this side plank.

The boys went out that afternoon, and I took the opportunity to wrap, wrap, wrap!

Thursday – 5 miles, running + 2.15 miles, walking

Happy Christmas Eve!

We started the day with a solid run. It was warmer than Tuesday, but not unbearably so.

The rest of the day was dedicated to pre-cooking a french toast casserole, breakfast sausage balls, and stuffed shells, as well as decorating cookies. I also complied with A’s wishes to make hot chocolate bombs. Mind you, I didn’t have the proper mold, but I did what I could. Click here to watch them melt.

For dinner, we had our traditional Chinese food buffet. It was a bittersweet evening, because usually, my parents join us, but we made the best of it.

We scooted A off to bed, and got to work placing presents under the tree.

Friday – rest

Merry Christmas!

I took off from all activity for the day. The day before had worn me out and I was more than happy to lounge about. A woke up at 5:45 AM, but I held him off until about 7:00 and then it was time for presents!

It was a beautiful day. We enjoyed all our presents, and lots of delicious food.

Also, we were able to enjoy a socially distanced time with my parents, which made the day even better. We are so grateful for these moments.

Saturday – 8.0 miles, running + 1 mile, walking

We woke up to a temperature of 28 degrees! WHAT! Normally, I would say “nope” but I didn’t want to wait until Sunday. Once we were out there, it wasn’t terrible.

I confess to being a complete lump for the rest of the day. I did go through some old clothes for donation, and I plan on cleaning out some cabinets in the kitchen, but that’s about it.


Even with two rest days, I’m pretty proud of the week, and the month. I have totaled about 133 miles to date, with more to come. I’m also looking forward to a 5K on Saturday, January 2, to ring in the new year. It feels like a great way to start 2021.

Coming up this week, I’ll be sharing more about goal-setting, how proud I am of A, and planners. It’s going to be a good week.

I am linking up with the Weekly Rundown, with Confessions of A Mother Runner and Running on the Fly! Check them out!

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How was your week in training?

What do you have coming up before the end of the year?

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