5 ways to prioritize your mental wellbeing in difficult times

2021 is off to one hell of a start, and I don’t know how long my mental wellbeing can take it. I managed to power through last year, but I am very much on my last, frayed nerve. Fitness is a great coping mechanism, so I’m sharing the things that help me prioritize and preserve my mental wellbeing.

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So how can we make our mental wellbeing a priority during these trying times? I admit I find myself turning to fitness and wellness as a solution.

Sweat It Out

When all else fails, a good run always does wonders for my mental health. Not only is it great exercise, but giving myself over to the pumping of arms, legs, and blood helps me put things in perspective. I have never come back from a run and not felt better or more at peace. The same holds true for any kind of workout. Getting your sweat on is a great way to combat feelings of anxiety and helplessness, and clear your mind for difficult feelings and decisions.

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Get Some Sleep

Sleeping is an area in which I struggle so much (insomniac over here!). However, a consistent bedtime routine and ensuring you get enough sleep means the world for good mental wellbeing. Make a commitment to get to bed early, turn out the lights, shut down the screens, and get those 50 winks.

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I’m not talking about a juice cleanse (although, if that’s your thing, have at it). Instead, detoxify, declutter, and uncomplicate your life. Clean out your refrigerator and pantry. Sort and donate old clothes and household items. Remove yourself from relationships and communities that no longer serve you. Take a break from social media. Sometimes, we just need a fresh space to get our minds right.

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Find Your Center

Carve out a few moments to do something peaceful, calming, and grounding. Maybe you pull out your mat to practice yoga. Or perhaps you light some candles, close your eyes, and meditate in the peace and quiet. Sketch, journal, read, or build a jigsaw puzzle: anything that takes you away from the daily noise and allows you to find mental wellbeing fits this category.


Ask For Help

This is perhaps the most important thing to remember: it’s ok to ask for help. There is zero shame in needing assistance, and we must remember that in order to be our best selves, our mental wellbeing comes first. Just as we would see a doctor, therapist, or coach to heal an injury or increase our physical strength and efficiency, so we should appeal to the same for the benefit of our mental wellness.

What are some ways you prioritize your mental wellbeing?

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