week in review: 9.13 – 9.19

With Virginia Beach behind us, it’s time to start focusing on the Space Coast Half Marathon. This is my annual goal race and it is also the year I will earn my three-year challenge medal. Eeek!

I am taking my training very seriously this time around, and I am hoping that it all pays off.

Sunday – rest

After breakfast, we got on the road for the five hour drive home. I was really, really, really grateful to be done with long car rides. At least for a few weeks.

My parents brought little man back home and we went out for a nice bite to eat.

Home, sweet home.

Monday – body circuit, 1 hour

Of course, the show must go on, no matter how much fun we had over the weekend. I was really excited for my body circuit class, and had a fabulous workout. I even got to use resistance bands for the first time, and I was a huge fan.

Tuesday – 3 miles

Early morning group run. It was awesome to be back on the road.

And even more awesome to get to break in new shoes!

We finally had a bit of a break in the weather, so I took little man out for a brick in preparation for his upcoming tri. With the constant thunderstorms, it’s been almost impossible to train, but we really needed to work on transitions.

Our focus was biking and running. WE got rained on and everything, but we got it done!

Wednesday – rest

I was grateful for a day off. This week had been really wearing me down, for some reason. I’m sure the gray skies and almost constant drizzle has had a lot to do with it. Rain, rain, go away.

Thursday – 3 miles

Despite the morning rain, I met my girlfriends at the bridge for hill work. It was windy and humid and I really wasn’t feeling it, but we logged it anyway.

Friday – body circuit, 1 hour

Have a I mentioned how much I am loving this class? It is hard work, and sometimes requires me to really bust out of my comfort zone, but that’s a good thing. Friday’s class involved a lot of arms and heavier weights, which I knew was going to hurt the next day, but I have an embarrassing lack of upper body strength, so I’m glad to have someone pushing me to change that.

Saturday – rest

I was supposed to do six miles, but I was just. So. Tired. I woke up with my alarm and hit snooze more than a few times. And then just when I convinced myself to get up, Molly snuggled up on one side and little man tiptoed into the room and snuggled on the other and said he didn’t want me to go out. There’s not arguing with them.

Somehow, I ended up dozing off and sleeping until about 8:30! That never happens! Mr PugRunner and little man ended up making pancakes from scratch and then hustling off to karate, while I cleaned and chilled around the house.

We had a bit of unexpected “excitement” when we came home from lunch and found a snake in the laundry room. In all fairness, it was a very small snake, but it was IN MY HOUSE!!!! I guess, with all the rain, they are seeking dry areas (which I find ironic considering so many of them are WATER snakes).

Little man locked himself in a closet, while I tried to help Mr PugRunner remove the unwelcome guest from the premises. I may have cried (and I was too freaked out to get close enough to take a picture).

Eventually, the snake was expelled and we put down mothballs everywhere in the garage to keep them out. I love mothballs.

How was your week in training?

What’s something exciting that happened to you this past week? 

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