riots #18: school’s almost out for summer!

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Another crazy week! We started with Mother’s Day and ended with one week to go of school. It’s absolutely insane how quickly this year has gone. I am prepared and not prepared for elementary school to be over, but in all the sadness, there is so much excitement for what’s to come.

Sunday – rest

Happy Mother’s Day to me! We had a quiet day: donuts with the family and then beach with some friends.

We had a nice lunch at a beachside restaurant and then all I wanted was to come home and chill for the week.

Little man made me the most lovely painting, too.

Monday – 9 Round

Monday’s workouts was EXACTLY what I needed. It was challenging and pushed me, but I loved every second and every station. I usually love my time there, but this was especially productive.

Tuesday – 6.2 miles running

It was a great run.

There was a lovely lunch, welcoming the new board members at our middles school. It was great to chat with the incoming and outgoing members and start getting everything together for the next year.

Wednesday – 9Round

I was sorry to have missed out on the double workout on Tuesday, but I was feeling better so got back in the gym.

While I was handling that and errands, the boys were in Orlando on little man’s Safety Patrol field trip to Islands of Adventure. From what I hear, the weather was perfect, the crowds were low, and the kids had a blast riding roller coasters and hanging with their friends.

Little man scored a new Dumbledore interactive wand from the Harry Potter area, too.

They got back super late but had had such an amazing day.

Thursday – 6 miles + 9Round

It was double workout day. A solid run,

followed by 30 minutes at 9Round.

Little man had his Field Day at school, but I had a fairly important call I couldn’t miss. I an’t wait to share with you the fun we are going to have in the next few months.

In the evening, I joined some of the St. Augustine Moms Blog contributors for a night previewing the St. Augustine Spa. It was wonderful to get some time with the writers and also to enjoy a 30 minute sports massage.

With wine and some relaxation, too.

Friday – rest

I say “rest” but that isn’t entirely true. I was on deck to help out with Field Day for our K-2nd grades. I was at the school at 7:00 AM to assist with some of the setup for the day, and then I stayed through the dismissal bell to wrap up and help break down.

The kids played all sorts of adorable relay games and finished off the afternoon with treats from the shaved ice truck.

In the meantime, little man and Mr PugRunner were at the 5th grade field trip to a local entertainment center. They had bowling and video game and laser tag. Little man had a really good time with his buddies.

I think we were all ready for an early night.

Saturday – 7 miles, running

I would have loved to get eight miles, but seven (in honor of Grumpy Cat, who passed last week), would have to do.

Little man had a basketball game (they played so well), and then he went to see Detective Pikachu with a buddy while Mr PugRunner and I had a much needed lunch out. With ice cream for dessert.

The week was solid in training. I absolutely failed on the hydration front, but there was definitely a lot going on.

I also switched up my books. I decided it was time to re-read the Game of Thrones series, so I am halfway through the first book. I’ll get back to the Discovery of Witches soon.

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Sports massage or relaxing massage?

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20 Responses to riots #18: school’s almost out for summer!

  1. Relaxing massage! Oh I love a good massage

  2. Coco says:

    That spa looks lovely! I bet that field day was exhausting and fun. You are such a great parent to support the school so much. Yay on all the 9Round classes.

    • runswithpugs says:

      I try to be there as much as I can without stepping on his toes. I want him to see his parents supporting him and the things that are important to him and us but I want to give him breathing room too.

  3. Kim G says:

    That spa looks amazing! You reminded me that I need to treat myself to a massage soon.

  4. That 30-minute massage you mentioned…oh, I’m jealous! Maybe I should read the game of Thrones books (in all honesty, I didn’t even know there was a series of books). That’s how I got roped into Harry Potter….

  5. I always marvel at how much you get done in a week! And, yay for a spa day!

  6. Spa night looked wonderful! I could use a night like that for sure. Love the painting your son made for you!

  7. Angela says:

    Sounds like a great week of running! The massage sounds dreamy, I am way overdue for one!! My kids have 4 weeks left of school and I don’t know who is more excited…me or them!! 🙂

  8. I can’t believe school is about done for the summer! I get a little jealous this time of year. I so would love a summer off!
    Nice job with all the workouts. Getting it done even with so many events happening!

  9. Renée says:

    glad you had a nice mother’s day! and glad you had a good week full of excellent workouts. sounds like you truly are enjoying 9 Round! The spa afternoon sounds fab – did you actually get the massage?

    Since getting sport massages myself and then later becoming a practitioner, I no longer enjoy relaxing massages. It’s more relaxing to me to have someone get right in there and work out the kinks! To get off the table afterwards and feel lighter is worth way more to me than someone lightly stroking my skin. Nope, bring on the elbows!

  10. I have a massage scheduled for next week and something came up so I have to cancel. So bummed because I am so in need!

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