riots #29: enjoying the last weeks of summer

The last weeks of summer are upon us and the plan is to enjoy every single second. We sat down this week to outline the plans for the next two weeks before school starts, and it’s going to be straight up amazing. Yay!

Sunday – 6 miles, running

Sunday was a bit of a whirlwind. I started out with a 6 mile run.

Monday – 5 miles, running

Run, run, run! Another five miles with S!

Little man had clarinet lessons and then we picked up his friends for an awesome day at the beach. We got a little too much sun but I also think it was our first trip to the beach this summer, so we loved it anyway.

Tuesday – 5.35 miles, running + walking

M and I went out for our run/walk in the early morning.

I confess we spent the rest of the day doing exactly nothing until little man had his Scouts meeting. He just loves it so much and I am so thrilled for the friends he is making.

Wednesday – 9 Round

After a grueling session of 9Round, we swung by a friend’s house.

last weeks of summer

She was hosting an incredible event for the Port In A Storm charity. Several people donated goods and toiletries and the kids made bags of these items for underprivileged teenagers in need. We were so glad to be able to participate.

last weeks of summer

After that? Off to the dentist. Little man had a clean check up, and we ended up grabbing a yummy pizza lunch to wait out the rain before running the rest of our errands.

Who has a blogger for a mom? Who does?

Thursday – 6 miles, running

My friend bailed on me but I got a strong run in, anyway. The run was great but I was feeling a little tight so took advantage of a good stretch.

Little man had a camp at his middle school, until right after lunch. He learned about procedures, lockers and locks, and all kinds of great middle school stuff. Afterwards, we met my parents for lunch and a quick visit, which was nice.

Friday – 9Round

I had my 39th session of 9Round! Hooray! I am so looking forward to my free gift at 50 classes!

I had to run the rest of my errands before my girls’ weekend, and was really happy to get everything packed and ready before the morning.

Saturday – rest

I got on the road fairly early to make it to Orlando for Meghan’s 40th birthday celebration. We dropped off my car and rode together to Disney Springs for brunch and drinks at Art Smith’s Homecomin’ Kitchen.

last weeks of summer

Then it was off to the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. Meghan had secured a suite for three nights and we were so ready to get the party started!

We had dinner with about 16 of her close friends at a fun Italian restaurant and stayed up late with wine, chatting! It was perfection.

In the meantime, the boys went to Daytona for a Def Leppard and Queen tribute show. Little man is totally loving live music.


I hope to end July with just under 90 miles, and I am really proud of that. I’m almost at 50 sessions of 9Round and we are signed up for a family 5K in a couple of weekends.

I wish I had some fun recipes to post, but nope. I just haven’t been creative in the kitchen.

Reading is still great. I’m almost done with Storm of Swords and will take a break for a few other novels, just to mix things up.

There will be a few more travel days before August is out, and I’m so ready for it!

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