week 37: rain, rain, go away

I know there are plenty of places in the country that would really love to have some rain, but we are getting hammered. The rivers and canals ae flooding, our historic downtown is swimming, the yards and fields are soggy with standing water. With several storms still spinning out in the Atlantic, I don’t see it drying up any time soon. The gross weather is also wreaking havoc on my ankle and leg, so extra yay.

Sunday – 4 miles, running + 1.17 miles walking

Since I didn’t run on Saturday, I had to make it up on Sunday morning. It went well, and I was pretty proud of myself.

I was also thrilled to have finally completed the Best Damn Race Florida Virtual Challenge. My friend, L, and I jointly logged 1000K to run virtually from Amelia Island to Key West. Victory!

Monday – 3.4 miles walking

Back to a five day week. Obviously, it started with a nice walk.

A had a little lighter day as his Civics teacher catches up with conferences, which really set the tone for the week.

I also started making these salads with spinach, peaches, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, balsamic, pepper and salt. So fresh and delicious.

Tuesday – 3.78 miles running + 1.44 miles, walking

J and I went for our morning run. Friends, the humidity has been nothing short of suffocating. Everything is just so wet.

On our way home, I pointed out the alligator on the bank of the canal to my friend. It was slightly obscured, and then we saw flapping wings. At first, I thought I mistook the gator for a bird, but no. The gator WAS EATING IT!!!! I have lived in Florida for 22 years. I have seen my share of (terrifying) wildlife. However, I have never seen an alligator consume its prey in the actual wild! Not cool.

Despite appearances, this is still considered a “small” alligator. Probably 3.5 – 4 feet. Trappers can be called when the gator reaches 5 feet or becomes a “nuisance”. It is super important to leave alligators be so they maintain a natural fear of humans (seriously – never feed them), and it’s also a felony to hunt and kill them without a tag.

After our “wild America” morning, I headed up to the Sweet By Holly Store too pick up our packets for the Cupcake Run benefitting Girls on the Run of Northeast Florida. You may recall that this was going to be my comeback 5K. As it was, I said hello to the awesome staff, who were maintaining all mask and social distancing guidelines, and grabbed our bags and cupcakes.

I also scored this adorable zombie hand toy for the pugs. Delilah wasn’t into it. Luna fell in love.

We enjoyed another date night while A was at Scouts. There aren’t too many restaurants around, so we always end up at the same one, but that’s ok. It has a patio and it’s great for dinner and a glass of wine.

Wednesday – 3.82 miles, walking

Another walk, another gator sighting. This time it was eyeing up a crane. Fly, crane, fly!

All the rain has made me super stiff this week, so I paid a bit more attention to my stretches.

Thursday – 3.75 miles, running + 2.02 miles, walking

This run was drizzly, windy, and so humid it was hard to breathe. Sometimes, it really does feel like we are inhaling jello. Ugh. Coming home to puppies helps.

Even though the rest of the day was disgusting, the evening was lovely. The boys went out to get A new kneepads and wrist guards for his skate park adventures. He is getting far more innovative out there and needs a little extra protection.

Friday –  4 miles, walking

It threatened to pour on me the whole time, but I kept on going. I made it back to the house right before the heavens opened. The bummer was that A was done with school for the week, but we were rained out of anything fun.

Here’s some fun news: Mr PugRunner’s acupuncturist sells masks in the waiting room of his office, handmade by one of his patients. Mr PugRunner shared with him about A’s Mask Lanyards 4 U and the doctor invited him to set up a little station where he could sell his lanyards, as well! To date, he is thisclose to $400 in sales, which is pretty incredible, in my (maternal, unbiased) opinion.

Saturday – 3.1 miles, running + 35 miles, walking

Despite the threat of rain, I absolutely had to get out to run the virtual Cupcake Run 5K benefitting Girls on the Run of Northeast Florida. My plan was actually to run five, but that wasn’t to be.

As it was, the rain started coming down when I hit Mile 2. I turned down two rides homes and made it back to the house to reveal my gorgeous new medal and celebrate with a cupcake.

The rest of the day was for lounging. We watched some college football and its was nice to get some “normalcy.” It was also nice to see the Miami Hurricanes win!


I know I complain a lot about the rain, which can seem insensitive when part of the country is on fire, but precipitation brings its own challenges for a sea level state. Our canals and rivers are flooding. There is a sinkhole opening up in my neighborhood. The storm drains in historic downtown are backing up into the streets. And there are still several tropical storm systems churning away in the Atlantic. It’s not a great scenario and we are so hopeful for a few days of sun so this can dry up.

In running news, I registered for the Team Nuun Half Marathon on November 7. At the time, it seemed like a great idea, but now I’m super nervous. I wasn’t able to hit my week 2 training goal, and have spiraled into some negative self-talk about the whole thing. I can walk forever, so worst case is I run what I can run and walk the rest. No matter what, it will be the farthest I’ve gone post-injury and that’s a win, right?

I am linking up with the Weekly Rundown, with Confessions of A Mother Runner and Running on the Fly! Check them out!

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How was your week in training?

What’s next on your race calendar?

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23 Responses to week 37: rain, rain, go away

  1. Liz Dexter says:

    Wow – sorry about all the wet and damp, that sounds horrible. All part of the same upset weather systems as those fires in the West, I imagine. Two awesome medals though and yes of course you can do this next challenge!

    • runswithpugs says:

      The weather is absolutely a mess no matter where you are in this country. One more month of hurricane season. We are on our second alphabet for names, but that’s ok. We will overcome!

  2. We had 2 weeks of on and off rain here recently. Makes it challenging for sure. Way to power through and stay active everyday

  3. Your rainy week sounds a lot like my rainy week, from two weeks ago. I don’t mind rain; but when it comes daily, it’s more of problem than a simple inconvenience. Great job on persevering through it!

  4. Hang in there with the rain and humidity. The cool weather just came in where I live and not to be gross but it is SO NICE to just get sweaty when I run instead of being absolutely drenched with sweat coming out of every pore…ugh!

    Every 13.1 that I’ve done has come with a serious side of self doubt, so all I’m going to say is that I feel you but you’ve got this. I will definitely be using 4:1 run-walk if I need to.

    • runswithpugs says:

      Yesterday and today has been nice. I also just womaned up and tried my new running shoes (they were really stiff and hard on my bad foot).

      I am doing 3:1 for right now although sometimes dropping to 2:1 for longer runs. I just have to go by how I feel.

  5. too bad about all that rain…we haven’t hardly any lately but it was in the 30s in the morning. brrrr

    You can totally do 13.1. Just run/walk. No self-doubt!!!

  6. Michelle D. says:

    Ugh to all that rain!

    You’ve been making great progress – you can do that half!

  7. Congrats to A on how well his little business is going! Just think of how much he is learning (and earning) from this.

    I’m excited for you for signing up for the half and it sounds like you have a great backup plan just in case training doesn’t go as planned. I look forward to following along on your journey!

    • runswithpugs says:

      He wants to save for a new MacBook! It’s a great goal and I’m so proud of him.

      I finally ran four miles on a weekday run, meaning I can go up to five on Saturday. It felt good and boosted my confidence.

  8. You can do the challenge-for sure!! Walking is fine and it will count anyway.

    Oh that scene with the alligator. It would have freaked me out too. I don’t think I’ve seen one besides the zoo. Don’t think I want to.

  9. Chris Tiley says:

    We use the canal near us for a lot of our running routes. It is really hard to enjoy when there has been a lot of wet weather and the ground is boggy and muddy.

    I hope it doesn’t affect your training for the half in November. Good luck with that!

    • runswithpugs says:

      It looks like we are going to have a dry week, so fingers crossed things get back to semi-normal. Standing water in Florida leads to so many issues: mosquitoes, amoeba, algae, etc. It’s just no good.

  10. Marcia says:

    It’s crazy how uneven the rain has been. We’ve been super dry but then we got almost 4″ of rain over the course of a few days. Sure wish I could’ve sent it out West. That’s so nice of the accupuncturist to feature A’s lanyards along with the masks.
    Yikes on the gator! Here I’ve seen coyotes sneak up behind shore birds and I hate it.

  11. The weather is crazy all over, just different kinds of crazy all over. Dry here, but also it’s so cold! Overnights in the 30’s already! Ugh. Too soon.
    A is killing it with his lanyards! Good for him!

  12. Wendy says:

    Ugh. This year seems to be about too much. Too much rain. Too much fire. Too much unrest. Too much loss. It’s really hard to not focus on the all the bad. I’m trying so hard to savor the little victories. Your son’s business is definitely something to celebrate! What will he do with his earnings?

  13. Kim G says:

    I absolutely love hearing more about your son’s business each week! I’m all about anything positive that can come out of this crazy time.

    That salad looks so yummy and refreshing! I usually eat a salad everyday but they are getting kind of boring so I’ll need to add stuff to make it more interesting. Thanks for the salad inspiration 🙂

    • runswithpugs says:

      He is now very much on the path of saving for a new MacBook. I think that would be fabulous.

      Burrata boards are all the rage down here, so I figured this would be the perfect compromise of peaches and cheese but also a healthy salad. It satisfied the craving.

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