we’ve got some ‘canes over here!

Tonight is a big night.

The Miami Hurricanes take on FAU in their home opener in Miami Gardens. I’m absolutely stoked. The Hurricanes are one of the only teams on which we all agree (the Yankees being the other), so it’s especially exciting. And, no matter what, it’s going to be a great season!

Since it’s Friday, and we do fun things on Friday, I just wanted to share with you some of the things that help make our Hurricanes games complete.

1. The right top. It’s still a wee bit too hot to wear a jersey at outside games, so I found this adorable racerback tank from Nike.

It’s light and comfortable, and I love the length of it. I also really like the simplicity of it – just the split U logo on a white background.  Other teams are available.

2. The perfect accessories. I’m very blessed to have some incredibly talented friends, and Jodi, of Weil’d Hair & Accessories. Look at what she made me.

Custom order - Hurricanes Inspired for Jennifer E - Copy

I cannot wait to show this off for games. Jodi can make these chunky necklaces in all kinds of color combos (she actually made the sweetest necklace for little man’s friend with a Rainbow Dash charm and neon beads). Check out Weil’d Hair & Accessories on Facebook and Etsy.

3. Beer. I love beer and football. Confession: I’m not fancy and I don’t appreciate beers that are “good” or “craft” or any derivative thereof. Bud Light is just fine by me. This season will prove interesting since I have long runs on Saturday mornings and scheduled runs on Mondays – which means I’m going to need to go easy on the booze. I haven’t really been able to drink more than one of anything since my surgery, so it’s probably going to be easier than I expect.

4. Tailgate Food. You just can’t watch a game without the appropriate munchies. Mr PugRunner makes some amazing baked and grilled wings, and we will often pair those with things like my baked meatballs or a heavy dip (spinach dip, pizza dip, jalepeno popper dip, buffalo chicken dip… really any dip will do). It never really gets too cold here, but I still enjoy a hearty chili or french dip sandwiches on game day as autumn nears. Just something about those things screams “football” to me.

Are you ready for College Game Day and the start of the NFL season?

What things help make you feel ready for football?

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