in which i start over. sort of.

One of my friends, K,  has been talking about starting running. She recently had her second baby and she wanted something to get back into shape. She has seen many of our immediate and extended circles begin with Couch 2 5K, finish the journey and move on to the next levels (depending on everyone’s individual goals). However, K was nervous about doing it on her own. Since she lives close to me, I agreed to run two of her three daily weekly sessions with her.

We were supposed to start last week, but frigid weather and the potential of “wintry mix” were factors. She wasn’t interested in any of that, and I can’t say I blamed her one bit. We decided to reconvene this past Tuesday night, after dinner (giving me long enough to make sure little man was in bed).

Since neither of our neighborhoods is ideal for nighttime running, with lighting and sidewalk issues, we selected another one for our joint training. We met at the appointed time and took a few minutes to get set up: me desperately trying to beat the laces on my right shoe into submission, she getting her new C25K app started.

It’s been a while since I worked with an app, but the structure of this one seemed fine. For day one, we would do a 5:00 warmup, followed by eight sets of 1:00 running/1:30 walking and finishing up with a 5:00 cool down. Easy enough.

We were about one set into running when we felt the first of the raindrops, and we were on our third set of run/walks when the heavens actually opened.

It was so ridiculous. Not in a funny way.

But, we were almost halfway, and we were already wet, so there was no point in turning back. On the plus side, the cold rain absolutely took K’s mind off the fact that she was running. I can’t say it was enjoyable (I know that I hate running in the elements, so I can’t imagine she was much happier about it), but it felt good to press on.

As the rain fell harder, I made the executive decision that in lieu of a cool down, we would make a mad dash for the covered overhang of the amenity center and mill about there instead. Obviously, not something to skip regularly, but given the circumstances, completely warranted.

Especially when the heavy drops started driving into my eyes and messing with my contacts. I was rendered practically blind for a few minutes, because  the excess water made my lenses blur and move around on my eyes. Not the most fun, especially when I still had to drive home. Fortunately, the downpour slowed to a light drizzle (how convenient, Mother Nature. Thanks for the laughs) and I was able to get my vision right again.

Without the cool down, we netted 1.22 miles. Not so bad for K’s first go. She said she felt really good afterwards – not winded or overworked, which is great. I’m so proud of her and so glad her overall impression was positive. I hope she’s looking forward to her next session as much as I am.

Let’s just hope it’s a little dryer.

Oh, and I guess it’s safe to say I’m keeping the new shoes after the beating they took last night. I cringed every time I hit a puddle. They came through alright, though – not too dirty.

So now, I’m out the door for this week’s speed work. Hopefully, last night’s run/walk was a nice little warmup for this morning (Incidentally, the temperatures are significantly higher than this time last week so I’m going to be a lot happier about it).

Don’t forget! There’s still time to win a free entry to The Flavor Run in Jacksonville on April 5. Check it out here! It would be especially great for new runners, a fun girls’ morning out or for some family togetherness.

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16 Responses to in which i start over. sort of.

  1. Yay for adding new runners to our local group!! I’m glad y’alls first day out went well, well, minus the rain!

  2. Bummer about all the rain but glad it went well… and that your new shoes didn’t get trashed!
    ari @ whatarisaid recently posted…loving lately, in february…My Profile

  3. All of my friends talk about trying to run and wanting to run with me, but then they never follow through on their end. It bums me out, but I am SO glad that you are helping your friend get into this great sport 🙂
    Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom recently posted…Week 8 #PrincessHalf Training RecapMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      I’m usually the one who doesn’t want to run with people because I feel like I’m slow and not good for groups. However, it’s good of rme to stop being silly and break out of my comfort zone a little, too.

  4. Diana says:

    How awesome that you get to help our your friend!
    Diana recently posted…Day 2My Profile

  5. So awesome that you are helping a friend through the program.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted…Tweet Up Recap – Rock’n’Roll New OrleansMy Profile

  6. jan says:

    Running w/ new runners is one of my very favorite things. They are so excited about it, which makes me excited all over again! It’s so nice of you to run w/ your buddy 2x a week.
    jan recently posted…What’s Your Running History?My Profile

  7. How great that you are now mentoring new runners! Your friend is lucky to have you! Hope she continues to love her workouts.
    Debbie @ DebRuns recently posted…When Bill’s Mom Played For Vince LombardiMy Profile

  8. I must have a hat in the rain. If the rain is coming in at a slant, I’ll even wear my sunglasses. Great that you’re friend’s a new runner!
    Tina@GottaRunNow recently posted…15 Mile Run & Yogurt DipMy Profile

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