week #50: countdown to weight-bearing

This week, the focus was entirely on my surgery so I can get back to weight-bearing. We wanted the procedure scheduled and done. Of course, we had our share of hiccups and delays, but I can spoil enough to say that we are very much on the path.

Sunday – rest

Sunday was a bit of a long day. The boys got stuck in traffic heading home from Orlando, and I was super eager and anxious to see them. Of course, they had the best time, but I was so glad to have them home.

Monday – rest

Mr PugRunner called the scheduler at the surgeon’s office for an update. We didn’t expect to have news during the holiday week, but with Thanksgiving over, we were ready for a move. Once again, there was a snag with red tape between our insurance and the hospital, and once again, Mr. PugRunner headed off to the rescue.

He literally took himself to the surgery center and personally spoke to one of the administrators to get the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted. I don’t know how, but he got it all handled so we could proceed.

Tuesday – rest

It’s funny – when you can’t really go anywhere or do very much, how the days all run into each other. I did some work and some online shopping. Between naps, I watched some TV and read. So exciting.

Wednesday – rest

By the time Wednesday rolled around, I had mostly stopped taking my pain meds, and was co-existing with my injury. The splint remained unwieldy and uncomfortable, but I was getting along just fine, albeit with two broken bones. It’s definitely bizarre not to be weight-bearing on a limb I use so much, but I had also gotten used to it by this point.

Thursday – rest

Our pre-op (PACE) meeting was scheduled for Thursday morning. We spent about two hours at the hospital, going over paperwork, medical history, allergies and getting last minute directions for the surgery. I think I kind of zoned out a bit. My anxiety was in high gear and I would have been just as happy to proceed without the extra meeting.


I was exhausted by the time we got back home, but I had to stay downstairs so we could do a laundry load of bed sheets and pack bags. Little man was going to stay with a friend after school the next day,

Highlight of the day? Getting some new pajama pants delivered. I’ve been living in them, since they are the only things that fit over my splint.


Friday – rest

At long last, the big day had arrived. I’ll do a full post on the surgery, but I will admit it was a tough day. I’m not a patient person, and I get very anxious waiting, especially for something like a fairly big surgery.


The experience could not have been better, as far as it goes: everyone was so kind and compassionate, and did everything in their power to put me at ease.

Dr. S was pleased with the outcome as well. From his standpoint, everything went according to plan. I was thrilled to hear there were no surprises and nothing additional to have to deal with once he got inside. The fewer hurdles we have to face on the recovery end, the better.

Saturday – rest

I actually woke up feeling pretty great. The pain block was still in place and I was so happy to be home.

Little man was still at his friend’s, but my parents came over to lend a hand with tidying and decorating our Christmas tree. If I can’t be weight-bearing on one leg, there’s no way it’s safe for me to get anywhere near a ladder.

They did a beautiful job.


Unfortunately, by the end of the day, the good feelings evaporated. As the pain block wore off, I could start to feel just about everything and my night was sleepless, uncomfortable and tear-filled. It was good while it lasted.


Right now, my goal is my follow up next Monday. I just need to steel my mind and get there. If my recovery goes how it should, the surgeon will be fitting in me in a shiny new, weight-bearing walking boot and I can start getting back to my life. Patience and physical therapy will be next on the list and I’m so very ready.

I admit to being a bit foggy and fuzzy. I imagine it’s just the meds and stress and will pass soon. Just another unpleasant side effect of this whole nightmare.

Stay tuned.

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How was your week in training?

Have you ever had an injury that kept you from being weight-bearing? How did it go for you?

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35 Responses to week #50: countdown to weight-bearing

  1. Kim G says:

    I am so happy that the schedule went well. I was thinking about you that day and hoping that the surgery was quick and successful.

    I’m so sorry that the pain block wore off – I can only imagine how that felt. I hope that the pain will subside as the days go on.

  2. Coco says:

    I’m glad you’re home at least. The pain of broken bones is no joke. Try not to push yourself to do too much too so or feel guilty for taking time to recover. It’s great that your parents decorated the tree. It looks lovely!

    • runswithpugs says:

      My parents are amazing. Our friends are beyond belief. We are so lucky.

      It’s definitely good to be home. I had no interest in staying at the hospital. I’m taking it easy, but it’s tough on me to do that 🙁

  3. The one good thing about my surgery was that it was an emergency thing…there was no planning or pre-work meeting, so I had no time to think (much) about it or stress out. It was a BLUR because it all happened so fast. Afterwards, though, it was so surreal…and it was hard to grasp all that had gone down in the matter of a few hours on a crazy day. I’m glad I was blogging about it…it’s a great record of all the struggles, triumphs, and ALL the support from friends and family. Hopefully, the worst is all behind you now, so onward!

    • runswithpugs says:

      When I had my gallbladder out, back in the early 2000s, it was the same thing and I was admitted for surgery right from the ER. I didn’t have to worry about a darn thing. Even my tonsillectomy wasn’t so bad, surgery wise (the recovery was a nightmare, of course, as it’s always terrible for adults), but this- I guess because I’m essentially on bedrest and can’t walk – is doing a number on my psyche. I’m hoping you are right and this is it for the hardest times.

  4. Chaitali says:

    That does sound like a stressful week! I’m glad the surgery was able to happen last week and it sounds like it went pretty well. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.
    Chaitali recently posted…Weekly ReviewMy Profile

  5. I am glad to read that your surgery went well and that you are on the road to the recovery. Each week will get easier!

  6. Farrah says:

    I’m so glad to hear that the surgery went well with no surprises! I hope you have a speedy recovery and I wish you all the best for your follow up!
    Farrah recently posted…Voyageurs National ParkMy Profile

  7. Renée says:

    glad the surgery went well and sending out all my good energy for a very speedy recovery! hang in there, you are going to get through this!! xx

  8. I’m so glad to hear that your surgery went well. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that you get that weight-bearing boot soon!

  9. Marcia says:

    I’m so glad the surgery went well and is in the rear view and you are on the road to recovery. Thank heavens Mr Pug got the insurance crap dealt with. And your tree is gorgeous!

  10. Glad to hear the surgery went well! Hopefully recovery is as speedy as possible so you can get back to what you love. I know how hard it is to be immobile. I was in a boot for several weeks earlier this year and it’s so tough to not be able to do even basic things you’re accustomed to.
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…SPB Marathon Challenge + BDR Challenge Training Week 2: 12/2-12/8My Profile

  11. I’m so glad that your surgery went well and that Mr. PugRunner was able to get through the red tape. My husband has had his share of time in the boot due to a stress fracture and PF, we were reminiscing this weekend how this time last year he was on crutches. Here’s to weight bearing again!
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: A Christmas 10kMy Profile

  12. So glad the surgery went well & you’re home! Fingers crossed for that walking boot & beginning to get around on your own two feet again.

    Knock on wood, I’ve been lucky so far. Just one run in with some really painful IT where I could barely walk — but I could.

    Hurrah for some new pjs! You gotta take the good stuff where you can.

  13. Laurie says:

    Even though your injury was an unexpected disaster, some good things have come out of it. Your hubby sounds like a great guy – always there for you. The way he handled your pre-surgery paperwork was wonderful. Happy that your surgery went well. Hoping your pain levels subside.

  14. Angela says:

    I’m so glad your surgery went well! I know it must be very difficult to be “laid up” at this time of year. Sending positive and healing vibes your way!!!

  15. What a week. Rest, but no rest. Here’s to a better week for you next week.

  16. Heather Hart says:

    I’m so glad the surgery went well! (And I love those PJ’s!) Patience is SO HARD when you are used to being very active. I’m sending you good-healing-patience- vibes!
    Heather Hart recently posted…7 Things Every Runner Should Do At Least Once in their LifetimeMy Profile

  17. So glad the surgery went well. I hope everything keeps going as planned and you can get into that walking boot asap!

  18. Cari says:

    Love your new pajama pants. Old Nacy and GAP Body are the best
    Cari recently posted…Runfessions of a sidelined runnerMy Profile

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