week 26 (2020): regressions, setbacks + back to square one

In the event you’ve been hiding from the news (because there is pretty much no good news ever anymore), Florida has experienced a huge regression in the fight against COVID-19. Over the weekend, this state posted record numbers of new cases, which led to the second shutdown of bars and the mandate of masks in the city of St. Augustine (when social distancing isn’t possible).

Sunday – 4 miles, walking

I love kicking off the week with a nice walk. Four miles done and dusted.

week 26

We enjoyed a quiet Sunday, with some cleaning and movie-watching. Little man, on the other hand, checked in with quite the adventurous day: ziplining at Alligator Farm. Yes. The ropes course is directly over the gator and crocodile enclosures.

week 26

Monday – 3.7 miles, walking

Happy Monday! With little man gone, we were able to sleep in just a little bit more (Luna is ok until about 7:00 AM), which was nice. She also loves cuddles when I get back from my walk.

week 26

Mr PugRunner wanted to enjoy a date night, so we picked up dinner from Osprey Tacos and went to the beach.

Tuesday – Couch to 5K Week 9 Day 1 (4.13 miles, total)

And so began Week 9 of Couch to 5K, aka “the final week!” I was really excited.

week 26

In the evening, I had the honor of helping film some equine therapy training sessions for my friend. It was truly a privilege to see her and her team at work. And I can never resist spending time with the horsies.

Wednesday – 3.73 miles, walking

Halfway through the week. Whoo hoo!

It was a quiet day. With Mr PugRunner at work and little man at school, I have the house pretty much to myself. Of course, I treated myself to an iced coffee.

Thursday – Couch to 5K Week 9 Day 2 (4.56 miles, total)

I don’t usually talk about paces, but guys! Look at this!

week 26

It felt so great and rewarding to see that!

And oh, yeah! New shoe day!

week 26

Friday –  3.51 miles, walking

Since we both had new shoes, Mr PugRunner wanted to join me for my morning walk. We chatted a lot about house renovations and updates, and I can’t wait to get started.

week 26

After a delicious dinner that we brought home from Food Truck Friday,

week 26

we headed off to pick up little man from his week of camp. When we arrived, the campers were participating in a circle of gratitude around the fire, after a long day of floating down the Rainbow River and packing up. It was so good to have him home.

Saturday – 2.06 miles, walking

I woke up feeling awful. For whatever reason, I wasn’t rested, had terrible fatigue, and my ankle was aching. There was just no way I wanted to finish Day 3 of Week 9. Mr PugRunner convinced me it was ok to bail, and I compromised with a two mile walk.

week 26

And then I wanted to get things done. We had some empty pots on our porch and patio, so I picked up soil and some hearty plants to spruce up our exterior.

Mr PugRunner and little man found a wing truck and snagged lunch there, to have some bonding after a week apart.

week 26


There’s a lot of bad news in our neck of the woods, and I just try to keep looking forward. Our Superintendent said that if the current trend continues, we will be distance learning to start the year, which just puts all our thoughts and plans on their ear (again). It’s frustrating and upsetting.

Oh, for funsies, we are also getting swept by some kind of Saharan dust storm? On the plus side, it’s helping to dry up some of the moisture (read: hurricane activity) while it’s here, but it’s also leading to brutal heat and vile air quality. Par for 2020, am I right?

This week, I plan to do some huge purges in the house (I’ve already done cursory sweeps of some cabinets and the garage). We may do a bit of a culdesac get together (socially distant) for the fourth, but who knows? Our city has canceled fireworks entirely, and Jacksonville has created some plan where there will be smaller fireworks displays spread out over the city, so we will see how that works out. Oh, and Hamilton is coming to Disney+ on July 3, so I will be planted in front of the TV for that event.

I am linking up with the Weekly Rundown, with Confessions of A Mother Runner and Running on the Fly! Check them out!

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How was your week in training?

Do you have any plans for the 4th of July weekend?

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30 Responses to week 26 (2020): regressions, setbacks + back to square one

  1. Cari says:

    I’m glad this setback wasn’t your ankle, Saturday’s fatigue aside. But yeah, I was thinking about you this week with the news. Alligator Farm looks wonderful/terrifying. Your son is brave. Aww Luna kisses.

  2. Jessie says:

    I was thinking about you with the news about Florida 🙁 I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy.

    Love those Osprey Tacos and your food truck Fridays! Glad your son had a good time at camp.

    Luna is the cutest!

  3. I had not heard about the dust storm-that’s odd! The zip lining looks really fun the crocodile part not so much 🙂 We all have off days I sure did this week too. Congrats on finishing your 5K program! Impressive! Our schools here have already said that they are doing in school only 2x per week.

  4. Kim G says:

    I love that you’re able to get take out and enjoy it on the beach. Although many places are not open, I think it’s so important to get out of the house and enjoy fresh air when possible.

    I saw a news clip about the Saharan dust storm and I remember saying “why the hell not” out loud. I mean seriously – the ridiculousness of this is peak 2020.

    • runswithpugs says:

      Thank goodness we have the beach. Even though it’s way too hot to be out there on it right this second. We do try to spend a lot of time outside, but it’s just oppressively hot.

      Oh, and in addition to the dust storm (and you are exactly right, why the hell not!). there was a giant storm of locusts in India! What???

  5. I think our schools are still up in the air about things for the fall. Iowa hasn’t been hit as hard as a lot of states, but still the virus is lurking. I heard about the dust storm, and wondered if it was entering our area (?)…the sunrise was a weird (though beautiful) bright pink this morning before I got outside. Not sure if that was just a hazy morning thing or a “foreign substance” in the atmosphere thing LOL Hope you ankle feels better!

    • runswithpugs says:

      We’ve just had nasty haze. It was supposed to be beautiful, but nope. Can’t even get that right LOL.

      I’m interested to see the disparity of school openings across the country. It’s going to be very interesting to see how things work out.I am hoping for some formal direction from the July 7 meetings, but you never know.

  6. Wendy says:

    I’m just so sorry to hear about what is happening by you. I hope that by closing things down, it gets back under control again!

    Love your new running shoes! Hopefully there is a lot of good juju in them.

    • runswithpugs says:

      Me, too. I was really hoping that we were going to be ok, but people just couldn’t behave. Someone said it’s like the kindergartners getting sent back to the naughty corner. Sigh.

  7. It’s so upsetting to see the numbers rising again in Florida (and other states). Hopefully taking some more precautions will help. Congrats on finishing the Couch to 5k! You did amazing!

  8. Chaitali says:

    That zip lining adventure sounds like a lot of fun! Hopefully the precautions the state is taking will help the numbers go down again. I’m planning on a Hamilton watch July 3rd too 🙂

    • runswithpugs says:

      They had so much fun. It’s a really challenging course, and I am so proud he was able to stick it out (he might be a little afraid of heights).

      Yay for Hamilton!

  9. I see a common color theme in your outfits.

    Aaaah the beach!!!

    Congrats on graduated with honors from C2K.

    Hope things improve in Fla. I have a race there in Feb LOL

    Disney+ – is that extra??? I need it then.

    • runswithpugs says:

      LOL! I realize I have no pink. None. I need to fix it.

      They just made the February DONNA Marathon a virtual. I have no idea what’s happening with our racing scene.

      Disney+ is extra, and you should totally get it! Hamilton cannot be missed!

  10. I wish I had Disney+ just for Hamilton. Do they have a free trial, LOL?

    I am so sorry for everything that is going on down there. That is SO tough!

    Filming your friend must have been amazing!

    • runswithpugs says:

      Mmmm… I don’t know if they do a trial. It’s definitely been worth it for us, even though I was very opposed to any more streaming services. However, we love all the Star Wars and Marvel movies, and there are some great original films, too. It’s been invaluable through my injury and this pandemic.

  11. Renée says:

    hey sounded like you had a great week except for that one morning when you woke up not feeling well! what happened? did you have a bad sleep? I can imagine that it would knock you for a loop a bit. Glad you listened to Mr. PR – you finished it anyway!! GREAT JOB!!

    what sort of home improvements are you guys thinking about? or is that a secret 🙂 ?

    Actually the Americans in the Netherlands group was planning on a 4th of July get together. I never do *anything* for the 4th because … well… it’s not a holiday here! But I was excited at the beginning of the year when we were talking about it. Anyway. That’s cancelled. Whomp Whomp. So have a hot dog and a burger for me, OK?

    • runswithpugs says:

      I had a UTI. It’s gone now, but man, it knocked me on my butt.

      Not a secret at all – I need to finish the master bathroom (I’m bitter about that because bathrooms are $$$, but we had to do work because of a leak and not for aesthetics). Then I’m overhauling the office. And finally, I want a new kitchen. That will take a bit longer, but it’s going ito happen.

      I’ll definitely have a burger for you. I don’t feel much like celebrating, especially since I don’t feel comfortable going anywhere, but here we are.

  12. It’s not true that “you’ll never regret a workout”, what is true is that “you’ll never regret a rest day” when it’s needed. The final day of C25K will be there ready for you when your body is ready for it. Super props for your 11:07 mile!
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Eats: a 5k PR and a group runMy Profile

  13. Coco says:

    So between you, me and Cari, Brooks sold three pairs of shoes this week. Anyone else I wonder? 😉

    I keep forgetting to investigate Disney+ — I definitely want to see Hamilton. I’m thinking we need a better tv for it but we’d have to rearrange the family room to fit a bigger one.

    I might try to make something festive for dinner on the 4th, but I’m not sure I’ll do the hot dogs my husband wants. 😛

    • runswithpugs says:

      Four pair – I bought a pair for my husband, too LOL!

      We had to upgrade our Apple TV unit to get Disney+ but our TV was fine (I think it’s 9ish years old?).

      We are going to do burgers and dogs, but I want to make grilled watermelon and feta skewers. And all the cocktails.

  14. Michelle D. says:

    I thought of you when I heard the news about Florida – so stressful!

    Congrats on completing the couch-to-5K program!! I hope those new Brooks serve you well.

    I cannot wait for Hamilton!

    • runswithpugs says:

      It’s a mess. Everyone is so angry, too 🙁

      The shoes are good, but I do need to break them in a little. The sole of my right foot is still a little tender from everything. Ugh.

      Hamilton will be epic!

  15. Marcia says:

    Great new mile PR! That’s so exciting!
    I’m bummed for you about the Covid resurgence and I sure hope that does not happen everywhere. Our schools haven’t decided yet how the return to learning will go but I’m pretty sure they’ll do remote learning at least part of the week. These kids really need to get back to the social aspects of life. Luna is the cutest!

  16. I am excited about Hamilton too! I hope I don’t forget.

    Ziplining is fine! Did your son enjoy it?

    Illinois has sent guidelines for the Fall. We are supposed to be back in the classroom but of course things can change.

    Congrats on your PR!!!

  17. I’m so sorry things are so bad down there right now. I know you’re staying safe and being careful, but it’s scary when it’s all around you! Thinking of you guys! And nice work on that fastest mile!

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