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Having a new mindset in 2021 really helped to keep things moving along this year. Last week I talked about some new goals, and this week sees me realizing them all!

new mindset

Sunday – 3.77 miles, walking + Plank Challenge Day 3 (extended arm plank)

Good morning and Happy Sunday! Of course, the best way to foster a new mindset is by starting out how you wish to go, so off on a walk I went.

new mindset

Originally, we thought we would get tacos on the beach, but A was asked to help with an Eagle Scout project, so Mr PugRunner and I went on a BBQ date instead. Check out this incredible mural a local artist painted on the side of our favorite joint!

new mindset

Wing murals are my favorite and this was my very first photo with one.

Monday – 4.02 miles, walking + Plank Challenge Day 4 (extended side plank)

Three cheers for Monday! I was super motivated to kick off a return to speed walk. Since I wasn’t sure how my ankle was going to feel with the added running and exertion, I did a mile’s worth of 1/10 mile strides. It wasn’t an earth-shattering workout, but it set the tone for the weeks ahead.

A technically started school this week, but it was another “intro” week. No live lessons, no assignments, and nothing more than getting systems in place for the semester ahead. I hoped to be back on track with virtual school, but it seems we will just have to wait another week.

Tuesday – 5.01 miles, running + 1.83 miles, walking + Plank Challenge Day 5 (knee taps)

On Tuesday, I was very pleased that my ankle wasn’t bothering me from yesterday’s efforts. It made my actual run even sweeter, and gave support to the actions I plan to take with this year’s new mindset.

new mindset

I really like the exercises on the Plank Challenge calendar, but sometimes, my right (injured) foot struggles with the pressure I put on it. On the one hand, this will make me stronger, but on the other, sometimes I have to drop to my knees to make it happen.

new mindset

Wednesday – 4.24 miles, walking + Plank Challenge Day 6 (shoulder taps)

Wednesday started beautifully. I had a great walk, did three, 45-second sets of shoulder taps, and then moved on to errands and a phone call.

new mindset

From there, the day devolved with the appalling attack on our nation’s Capitol. I sat, glued to the TV and to Twitter, in anger, sadness, and disbelief. Obviously, I went to bed too late and slept horribly.

Thursday – 5.01 miles, running + 1.6 miles, walking + 1.88 miles, hiking + Plank Challenge Day 7 (plank up-downs)

This run was beyond necessary, and I was glad to have the distraction of a very full day. My heart is broken for our country, and for those who feel that violence and insurrection is the way to effect change.

new mindset

On the plus side, we had a hike planned, and it was so good to just get it out on the trail. This time, we went to Princess Place Preserve, which was just gorgeous. We took the Creekside Trail, which looped around for just under two miles. Parts were paved, and parts were well-packed trail, so it was nice for beginners.

new mindset

Friday – 4.25 miles, walking + Plank Challenge Day 8 (Friday Flow)

After another restless night, I got up early, and went for my walk.

new mindset

The Plank Challenge Friday Flow was kind of neat. Again, it was three sets of 45 seconds, but this time, there was movement: hold a forearm plank, do two knee taps, raise to high plank, do two shoulder taps, lower, and repeat. It was challenging, but fun.

We were supposed to take my parents for a different hike today, but it was way too damp and raw for my stepdad. After discussing options, we agreed to postpone to another time and met for an outdoor lunch instead (all bundled up). It was so good to see them and celebrate their anniversary.

Saturday – 8 miles, running + 1.46, walking + Plank Challenge Day 9 (tricep pushups)

Another freezing cold day, but the long run must go on. I ran about two miles on my own before I picked up J for another six. It’s time for nine miles. I know I keep saying that, but I mean it this time, and it’s on the calendar for next Saturday.

new mindset

We took a nice day trip to the Barberville Pioneer Settlement, a non-profit historical village museum. A was volunteering with an organization there, and we took the time to browse the grounds and view some of the building and demonstrations.

As the perfect bookend to my week, I found another wing mural! I’m on a roll!


So far, this new mindset of 2021 is bulldozing right through!

I totally crushed it this week. Tons of miles, the start of speedwork, and commitment to my Monthly Challenge.

The weekly hiking plan is fabulous. My friend is picking our next destination, and I’m excited to see what she comes up with.

So proud to announce I am back on Team Nuun for 2021! Nuun is my favorite way to hydrate, and I’m thrilled to represent!

I finished The Stand, and have moved on to Wolf Hall. (Are we connected on GoodReads?). Reading a Stephen King novel about a pandemic during an actual pandemic was both terrifying and surreal, and I tore through 1300 pages.

In household news, I worked on organizing the pantry last week, and will take on the Christmas tree and junk cabinets this week. We also ordered a new hybrid mattress and platform bed. I think testing mattresses is gross in good times, and unfathomable in a pandemic, so we will see how it goes.

Last, but not least, we hope you will join us for the all-new Fit Five Friday!

We’ve got FIVE incredible co-hosts (My First 5K and MoreRunning With AttitudeRun Laugh Eat PieRuns with Pugs, and Zenaida), and we are ready to link up every Friday to share YOUR weekly fitness favorites! We hope you’ll join the fun!

fit five friday
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How was your week in training?

Are you keeping up with a new mindset? Anything special you want to accomplish this week?

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