couch 2 5k: week 7, day 3 {4.14.2013}

I was ready to run when the sun came up on Sunday morning. Well, almost ready to run. I was awake while it was still dark and it kind of sounded like it was raining, so I thought I might skip it entirely, but the sun peeked out and so I laced up.

This marked my second attempt in the new shoes, and I was both tentative and hopeful. It could go either way and I was pretty sure I would have a good idea if the Mizunos would be staying with me or heading back to the running store.

Seven or eight minutes in, something clicked. No aches in the ankles. No tingly in the feet. No pressure in the heels and no weird strain in the arches. I don’t want to be hasty, but … well… it felt good. Really good.

I did a steady 2.2 miles without any discomfort. I’m going to chalk some of that up to the glorious weather (in the low 60s, with the lightest breezes), but my confidence is definitely increasing. I’m doing it. I’m not super fast and I’m probably not super graceful, but I’m doing it.


At the end of my workout, my app suggested I go ahead and download the 5K 2 10K follow up. It slams home the reality that I am, in fact, almost done. There are two weeks left. I have no idea how it happened, but it did, and, call me proactive, but I’m ready to start on the next phase of my running journey.

I looked ahead at a couple of 10K days and was surprised to see that the program backtracks a little. You start Week 1 with a 20 minute run, an interval run, and then a 30 minute run, and I was almost considering just skipping Weeks 8 and 9 of C25K and starting right up with this, but I want to be sure that my body is ready for the introduction of the longer runs. There’s no point risking an injury, and there is no reason to rush my training. I’m ready for my 5K and I’m pretty sure that taking my time has more benefits than not.

Tomorrow, I’m going to start breaking into a regular cross training schedule. I’ve been trying to walk on my non-running days, but I want something a little different to break it up.

And best of luck to all the amazing people running in the Boston Marathon today!

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