couch 2 5k: week 9, day 1 {4.28.2013}

Sometimes, it’s not about the numbers.

The last day of Week 8 was miserable. I hurt, my feet were uncomfortable, I was winded and had a hard time breathing. Despite all the issues, I had my best pace and distance, which I didn’t even care about because I was so glad the run was over.

The first day of Week 9 was a completely different story. The run time was 30 minutes, up from 28. I loved it. I took a bit of a different route, just to mix it up and I felt great the entire time. I was so excited.

However, I had slowed down, significantly enough to ensure that I hadn’t run any farther than I did in a shorter time period. End of the world? No. Disappointing? Slightly. But I can’t ignore the fact that my body was pretty happy with my run, and isn’t that what matters most?


This week is going to be tough. We have some family coming into town to celebrate little man’s birthday and my to do list is pretty overwhelming. Plus, Mother Nature has seen fit to send lots of lightning our way (Note to self: do NOT attempt walking or running if you hear thunder. Lightning is never far behind), so hopefully, I can squeeze in some early mornings or late night to compensate. If not, next week will be here before I know it and I can finish up then.

In the meantime, Mr PugRunner went to the running store and got fitted for HIS new shoes. He is still experiencing some arch discomfort but he is working through it, slowly but surely. We are hopeful it heals quickly now that he is wearing something better suited to his gait.

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  1. I have days like that. Some runs feel great, some totally suck. The important thing is that you keep at it! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the weekend! 🙂
    Kristin Smith @ A Mom on the Run recently posted…Utterly ExhaustedMy Profile

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