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We took a little break for last week’s Global Running Day post, but we are back with the Wednesday Word! We will be linking up with Deb Runs  for the fun and you can be part of the action, by checking out her page and linking up, too!

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For me, being consistent is the name of my fitness game.

As I have mentioned, I am not particularly athletic. I am not genetically predisposed to hardcore physical activity and I feel like working towards my goals is always an uphill climb. It’s quite possible that everyone feels similarly, regardless of their skills and abilities, which gives us a point of solidarity. But what I do know, for an absolute fact, is that I work hard to make my journey as seamless as possible.

The key to that is consistency.

The more I run, the better it gets. Not that it’s ever easy, but my body and mind become accustomed to the expectations to which I subject them. My brain has learned that we run three days a week, and sometimes four, if I’m feeling froggy. That schedule has just become the norm, and I do my best to stick to it, because adhering to same form is what makes me stronger.

I have also learned that running isn’t enough. I have become consistent with cross-training, too. The benefits of this have become even more clear to me since getting injured earlier this year, and I have made it a point to ensure that body circuit, cycling and yoga make regular appearances in my weekly workout schedule. Again, the consistency with which I participate in these activities yields a pretty nice payoff: I’m stronger, more flexible, and less prone to aches and pains.

The gains I make in my cross-training translate nicely to my running. The core strength, cardio endurance and build-up of muscles I wouldn’t usually use help improve my pace, my running form and decrease my chance of injury.

While it is going to take me some time to get back to where I was before the start of this year, I am pretty confident that my consistency in training is going to be a huge help.

How does consistency fit into your fitness plans?

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