weekly wrap: 2.26.2017 – 3.4.2017 + publix savannah women’s half marathon training week 4

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!


If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability!

This week was pretty chaotic, but everything got done, and my workouts weren’t nearly as disappointing as they were the prior week.

Sunday – 1 mile, running

The weather was gorgeous, so I thought little man and I could squeeze in a few miles together. One mile into our run, he took a misstep on the edge of the sidewalk and wiped out.

Of course, he was pretty upset, so we walked our second mile home to tend to it. By the time we arrived, he had gotten over it, but he’s going to have a pretty nice little scar on his knee. Ironically, it will match mine from the time I so gracefully ate pavement last summer.

The rest of the day was pretty chill while we waited for Mr PugRunner to get home from his trip. I had dinner plans with some girlfriends, and it was really good to get out and spend some quality time with them. I confess to hermiting a little over the last few weeks. I’m one of those introverted extroverts, and I guess I just hit my limit and needed to recharge.

Monday – rest

Monday, Monday. Not much to report.

Tuesday – 4.5 miles, running

I had hoped to get in a few more miles at little man’s run club, but I had to stay late at work and missed it. He was a little disappointed and I felt really badly about it, but he said it went well anyway.

After dinner, K and I finally got together for a run! You all know I consider evening running to be awful, but I didn’t even care. I was just so excited to get to hang out with her and get in some miles.

Wednesday – rest

I spent a lot of time stalking my email inbox on Wednesday. I was waiting for this delicious pieces of news!

I LOVED being a part of the Rock ‘n’ Blog team in 2016 and I am so excited to do it again. This year, I am hoping to run Brooklyn, Savannah and Las Vegas. Fingers crossed that it happens.

Want to join me? Enter code RNB15 for $15 off select Rock ‘n’ Roll races!

Thursday – 4.5 miles, running

The weather was decent for a later morning run, so I drove to the beach, and created a route that went from the pier to the beach and then over the bridge and back again.

I could have gone a little more, but Mr PugRunner and I had a lunch date.

We had been wanting to try Prohibition Kitchen, and it was finally time.

The ambiance can best be described as “speakeasy” and it’s a really cool little place. We ordered based on our server’s recommendation, and I wasn’t sorry in the least. This fried chicken sandwich, with lettuce, tomato confit, pickled green tomato and ranch on the side was amazing.

Normally, we don’t do dessert, but it was raining and we needed to buy some time before walking back to the car. This Irish Coffee milkshake with whiskey, garnished with a brownie and chocolate covered bacon was heavenly (I only had a few sips).

That evening, little man earned a few more belt loops for Cub Scouts- we were all quite proud of his accomplishments and love that he enjoys scouting so much.

Friday – rest

Friday was a bit of a whirlwind. Little man had his annual lap-a-thon at school and I had to be on my way to Orlando for Best Damn Race with Meghan. I packed, and headed to the school to support him in his run. He did great, and got through about 20 laps!

I gave him hugs and kisses, loaded the car and hit the interstate.

We wanted to be in bed sort of early-ish, so we caught a happy hour at TR Fire. Holy moly, was it delicious. We shared a fried green tomato appetizer and I indulged in a shrimp po’ boy for dinner.

It was the perfect pre-race meal.

Back at her house, we chatted until a little after 10PM, when we agreed we probably needed to get to bed. We had two races, for a total of 9.3 miles in the morning, and we were going to regret not getting enough z’s.

Saturday – Best Damn Race Orlando 10K + 5K Challenge

Obviously, the full race report is to come, but man, did we have a blast at the Best Damn Race Orlando 10K + 5K Challenge.

It was literally exactly what it sounded like: we ran the 10K, dropped off our medals, grabbed a drink, went to the bathroom and then ran the 5K. For our efforts, we got some extra bling, and it was a great warm up for Saturday’s Gate River Run 15K.

After brunch, I cleaned up and got back on the road for home.


This felt like a strong week. I think my runs were productive, and even though there’s still no sign of cross-training, I’m ok with it. I really needed Saturday’s race to push me over the seven mile hump, and I was very grateful that Meghan was such a great running partner. We had a blast the whole way.

Saturday’s race is going to be hot, so my strategy is simply to power through. I want to stay strong and healthy for the Publix Savannah Women’s Half in April, and there’s no point to blowing it now.

There’s still another day on the $25 Publix gift card giveaway! Don’t miss it!

How was your week in training?

What are your thoughts on race day challenges?


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24 Responses to weekly wrap: 2.26.2017 – 3.4.2017 + publix savannah women’s half marathon training week 4

  1. Kim Hatting says:

    I love race challenges like those…. they’re a great test of ones pacing stretchy!

  2. I’m always so impressed with everything you fit into a week! Also my dieting self is quite jealous of all the yummy things in this post. That drink looks amazing!
    My week in training was GREAT! Last week I finished week 2 of couch to 5K and Sunday I started week 3. So far so good. I signed up for half #7 at the end of October, so the comeback is real!
    Stacie Seidman recently posted…Welcome to the family!My Profile

  3. Rachel says:

    Yay for Rock n Blog! And congrats on having a great race. 🙂
    Rachel recently posted…Veggie Quiche with Sweet Potato CrustMy Profile

  4. congrats on the rock n blog! RnR Vegas was one of my favorite races ever hope you get to run it!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Spring Veggie Fried Rice-Vegetarian Meatless MondayMy Profile

  5. I need to try a Best Damn Race. I’ve heard such good things!
    Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted…5 Tips To Help Beat Mindless SnackingMy Profile

  6. Jenny says:

    Wow what a great week!! And that would be awesome if you made it to all those rock’n’roll races!

  7. Looks like a great week! Glad you had fun at your race!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Riding the Weather Rollercoaster {Weekly Wrap}My Profile

  8. That’s so sweet your little man runs with you. Sorry he took a fall, but glad y’all had that special time together. Congratulations on your race! I love your orange skirt! I teach classes three days a week and our weekends are full of kids’ activities from soccer, dance, baseball, pageants, birthdays, and recitals. I don’t have any races planned until May. Wish I could squeeze one in somewhere!

  9. Those BDRs sound so fun! I love your orange sparkle skirt!

    I’m excited to join you this year for RnR! I’m planning on Chicago and LV, but would love to do Savannah, if I can fit it in!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…I am….My Profile

  10. Coco says:

    What a week! Looks like the little guy recovered from his fall, but those can be brutal. Congrats on the races!
    Coco recently posted…A Frigid Reston 10 Miler (Race Recap)My Profile

  11. Kimberly G says:

    Congrats on the races! I think it’s so cute that your little guy runs with you. Sorry to hear about his fall 🙁

    Congrats on RockNBlog! This is my first year and I’m so excited to represent the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series with awesome people like you! This year I’m hoping to do Philly, Brooklyn and San Antonio
    Kimberly G recently posted…Tunes Tuesday 3.7 – Rocky SoundtrackMy Profile

  12. gina says:

    You looked adorable at your race! Looking forward to reading your recap and I have to admit my mouth is watering looking at your meals! Especially the fried chicken sandwich 🙂
    gina recently posted…Grandma’s Marathon Training – Week 4My Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      What I lack in actual speed and talent, I make up for in attitude and sass 🙂

      That sandwich was everything! I love discovering new restaurants and this one was amazing.

  13. Congrats on your races I like your outfit! And another congrats on becoming a rock n blogger. We got to d it one year and we didn’t even use all three entries. I did Vegas and it was great, but I have always wanted to do New Orleans and/or Savannah. You should get some of that maderma for him so it won’t scar from the fall. That stuff works really good.
    Lacey@fairytalesandfitness recently posted…How to Plan a Race Calendar & a DiscountMy Profile

    • runswithpugs says:

      It is definitely tough to make use of the entries, especially living in the southeast, but we do our best, and it’s been kind of a fun way to choose vacation spots.

      I definitely want to get to New Orleans and DC, and pretty much everywhere else LOL!

      Thanks for the tip. We used Vitamin E, and that should be ok, but it’s in such a bendy part of the knee, so harder to heal.

  14. I too kept refreshing my e-mail on Wednesday. So excited to be back on the team with you!
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon Training Log – Week 9My Profile

  15. Congrats on RockNBlog! I had a lot of fun with that group a few years ago. Great job on all the workouts and the back to back races.
    MCM Mama Runs recently posted…Setting Up the Perfect Race ScheduleMy Profile

  16. Congrats on RocknBlog – I am thinking about LV too- I think it is a must do at some point and this might be the year! Great week for you and I love the challenges. You and Meghan looked like you had a great time! Cheers to that!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…And so we are to March- weekly wrapMy Profile

  17. HoHo Runs says:

    I am contemplating RnR Vegas or Savannah in the fall. I have never done a race challenge but everyone seems to have fun with them. It’s so sweet you and the Little Man have matching knee scars. LOL. He did awesome with the 20 laps too. Congrats for being selected for RockNBlog again! Thanks for linking, Jenn!

  18. Since I’ve become a mostly morning runner too I don’t particularly like an evening run either but hey throw in some company and all is good right? 🙂
    Congratulations again this year for being on Team Rock n Blog! If all works out (fingers and toes and anything else I can find) crossed I hope to be in Vegas in November 🙂 EEEEKKK!
    I’ll do my first BDR in NOLA end of the month oh heck thats just two weeks!
    Loved your outfit for it too!

  19. Congrats on RocknBlog! It’s the worst when your kids get hurt , especially doing something you do together.

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