weekly wrap: 10.3 – 10.7

Happy Monday!  It’s time for the Weekly Wrap with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!


If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers for extra support, sharing and accountability!

To be honest, this was a tough week. I am spent physically and emotionally, and I ended up taking a bit of a nap on Sunday. Unfortunately, we are at the time of year when things are just going to keep on piling, so I am putting my head down and pushing through.

Sunday – rest

We had our monthly family trip to the trampoline park. Due to schedule conflicts, we were missing a few families, but it was still a nice afternoon.

Monday –  rest

I had work, and then it was on to karate. I was supposed to have an evening meeting, but that ended up bing postponed. I wasn’t at all sorry.

Tuesday – 6 miles, running

I met S for 6 miles.

From there, I bounced off to work and was super excited to come home because I had an emergency hair apppointment. I had won a family photo session from a local photographer and desperately needed some work done.

There wasn’t enough time for color, but I figured I could go back for that at some point.

Wednesday – rest

It was a fairly normal Wednesday. They are probably one of my easiest days of the week.

Thursday – 6.25 miles, running

Thursday was a packed day. It started with a 6.25 mile run. We also had an 8:00 AM conference with little man’s teacher. I did a little work at school before meeting a friend for breakfast, and then headed out to buy some outfits for our Sunday photo shoot.

That night, we did an engineering section at Cub Scouts. The kids designed and built bridges out of dry spaghetti, toothpicks, gumdrops and marshmallows. They had fun creating and then seeing how many pennies their respective bridges could hold.

Friday – rest

Technically, it was a rest day. It started with setting up for a teacher luncheon, followed by a PTA meeting, serving at said luncheon and then hitting the road to go shopping for prizes for a fundraising event.

When I got home, I managed a quick shower before dashing off to pick up my Pink Up The Pace 5K packet. And then it was off to my parents’ to drop off little man for the night and enjoy a delicious Italian dinner.

Saturday – 3 miles, running + Pink Up the Pace 5K

Much as I hated to do it, I set the alarm for 4:00 AM to meet S for three miles at 4:30. I had time to get home, shower and change, and make it to downtown St. Augustine for the Pink Up The Pace 5K for breast cancer.

Mr PugRunner spent the morning at a corn hole tournament and we regrouped for a quick lunch and to meet my parents at a nearby Publix for a Cub Scouts popcorn “Show & Sell” (where they set up a table and sell their fundraiser popcorn to shoppers leaving the store). They were absolutely adorable and did a great job.

My parents came back to our house so the boys could hang out. My mom and I had a planned Girls’ Night Out at our local Board & Brush with some of my neighbors. We were both really tired, but it ended up being so much fun and so good for us.

Plus, now we have awesome signs.

We are planning another date so we can make Christmas decor.


I am really excited to be done with the fundraising event this week, so I can focus on some other things. It’s always stressful to be in charge of something so big, and I am trying to take it one day at a time.

In other news, I got word today that I have been asked back as an Ambassador for the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon for a third year! I am so honored – this is such a wonderful race experience, and I am so thrilled to be able to share it with you. Code PUGS18 saves you 15% on your registration!


How was your week in training?

How do you handle keeping your head above water when you are overwhelmed?

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