riots #11: the rainbow bridge + moving forward

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We had to say goodbye to our sweet Molly pug this week. As much as I wanted (and needed) her to live forever, it wasn’t in the cards, and we were able to let her go to the rainbow bridge quietly, peacefully and with so much love. I would be lying if I said I was ok. I’m not sleeping well – every night I wake up multiple times, reaching to pet her ears, and every time, I’m devastated to find her not there. It will take time, but all our hearts feel so very broken.

Sunday – 7 miles, running

The weather was nice and cool and made seven miles go fairly smoothly.

When I got home, the guys were just waking up and Molly was not well at all. We were supposed to go meet my brother-in-law and nephews at the beach, but there was absolutely no way I was leaving her alone for the day. I sent the boys on their way and spent the whole day with her.

She was no longer interested in her food, but she was quite happy eating junk food – the vet had given the ok o that, so she enjoyed half a cheeseburger, some scrambled eggs and Mr PugRunner brought home a Puppacino from Starbucks as an extra special treat.

Monday – rest

I spent another day with our sweet girl. Mr PR called the vet again, and we discussed him coming to the house at lunch on Friday so we could let her go. For those of you who are pet owners, you know that this is the hardest, kindest thing in the world. We resolved to just love on her and snuggle her and let her go peacefully.

Tuesday – 6.5 miles, running

I was happy to run in the morning. It helped relieve some stress and anxiety, even on three hours of sleep. Molly had rested comfortably all night but I woke up and didn’t want to stop petting her.

Little man got some wonderful time with her before school. She loved him so much, and vice versa.

We had told my parents about the appointment, in the event they wanted to say goodbye. They came that morning for a nice visit, and gave her goodbye hugs and kisses.

And despite our plans, she was ready. Not ten minutes after my parents left, her breathing became very labored and we knew we had to do the right thing by her. Our vet and his staff are so incredible – he and one of the techs came straight over, talked us through the process, and she crossed to the Rainbow Bridge quietly, while laying in my arms.

Telling little man was awful. We had to keep reminding him she was no longer in pain and she was with Oscar and all the other awesome pups in dog heaven, but we are all still feeling the giant hole in our hearts.

Wednesday – rest

We decided to send little man to school since it was a short day, hoping he could keep his mind busy and off his sadness (it was the right call). Mr PR and I both worked from home. It was important to stay occupied, but motivation was in short supply.

Thursday – 6 miles, running

This run was hard. My body still felt so beat up and tired. I was running on very little sleep and hydration has been abysmal. But we managed and S let me cry and vent and get it all out.

I spent the day cleaning and doing laundry. We had been going through tons of blankets and towels in the last months, and I needed to get through the backlog.

In the evening, I went to Scouts and little man went to basketball practice. He was doing well keeping with his regularly scheduled activities.


I did a little volunteering at school in the morning. Following that, I put together swag bags and picked up drinks and snacks for a lunch at one of the other local elementary schools. One of my clients was hosting a reward meal for 14 students and I was on hand to help facilitate.

In the evening, I met two of my friends for drinks and to celebrate one of their birthdays. I wasn’t sure about it, but it was good to get myself out of the house and I was glad they were patient with me and encouraged me to come out.

Mr PR and little man popped the pugs in the wagon and walked them down to our neighborhood’s Food Truck Friday. Apparently, they loved it, especially getting some pieces of chicken as a reward. They deserved some fun after the last week, too.

Saturday – 3 miles, running

S was out late on Friday and texted me to see if I would mind skipping. I didn’t, mostly. However, I did some calculations to see that if I managed three miles on Saturday, with my March To Get Screened 5K on Sunday, I would log 100 miles for March, and I couldn’t turn that down.

Little man had basketball, and I was finally able to get a picture of him in his uniform. I love it. (PS – this week’s game went much better for everyone).

In the afternoon, we parted ways. The boys went to the last home Icemen game of the season. They scored tons of swag and Mr PugRunner won a game worn jersey at auction, which he then got signed.

On the other hand, I headed to the St. Augustine Distillery for their 5th Anniversary. We have honestly never been, although we have enjoyed their spirits in craft cocktails around town, and I was very happy to check it out. Guests could sample cocktails (my favorite was the Florida Mule), order dinner from the With A Twist Food Truck, listen to live music, and taste goodies from local shops. We will definitely be back for an actual tour and tasting.

I did get in just over 100 miles for the month, which puts me almost at 300 for the year. I’m feeling very happy about that.

Cooking was a huge struggle this week. I didn’t have any interest in making anything, letting alone be creative about it. I put out ground beef for tacos one night, and then lost all motivation for making them, so I ended up with this Cheeseburger Pasta Skillet.

It was filling and comforting and easy to make, and that was really all I could ask for.

I’m ready to get back to reading but I haven’t really found anything that’s moved me. I need to get better about that.

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