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reflections on couch to 5k: the halfway mark

As of today, I am about halfway through the nine-week Couch To 5K running program. This is my second time through the system, and it’s been a decidedly different experience than when I first tried it, over seven years ago. … Continue reading

week 20 (2020): wrapping up 6th grade + puppy love

It’s maybe the ninth week of pandemic times, and I have lost all track of everything. Our days are so turned around upside down and I feel like we are in some bizarro limbo world. I have lost all sense … Continue reading

rest and running: permission granted

Rest and running are two activities that go hand in hand. It’s funny to think of “rest” as an activity, even hard to classify it as such, but without participating in rest, runners deprive their bodies of much-needed recovery time. … Continue reading

week 19 (2020): sliding into may and mother’s day

Happy May and Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate! It’s another Sunday in semi-quarantine. In Florida, we are seeing things look very close to normal. Tomorrow, nail and hair salons and barbershops will open, which will be interesting. Again, … Continue reading

the perfect mother’s day for this runner

Well, friends. Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and it’s going to be a bit different. While restaurants and other locations are opening up, I am not feeling quite ready to venture out for brunch and activities. No judgment against those … Continue reading

week 18 (2020): birthdays in lockdown

Happy May! We are entering our seventh week of social distancing/lockdown/quarantine/whatever you want to call it. I can’t believe it’s almost halfway through 2020. For better or worse, this year is moving by, and while it’s nothing like what I … Continue reading

a coffee date of tentative beginnings

Happy May! Another month has passed (yes, April seemed just as long as March), and we are now in the fifth month of this crazy year. Join us for this month’s Ultimate Coffee Date. After reading here, head on over … Continue reading

the emotional anatomy of a comeback

When you work on a comeback, it’s a crazy range of all the emotions. It’s truly kind of crazy what all goes into it, and how my mood changes from day to day. At first, I couldn’t imagine a time … Continue reading

week 17 (2020): my return to couch to 5K

Well. I did it. I restarted the Couch To 5K program. Holy. Moly. I have been going back and forth about starting. Was I ready? Could my leg and ankle handle it? Was I rushing things? Ultimately, I just had … Continue reading

april runfessions: a return to running

And now it’s April. Also known as “another eternal month.” We have settled into this (I hate to use the term) “new normal”, but it’s certainly not as great as The Before. My heart breaks for the areas that are … Continue reading

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