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week 24 (2020): venturing out

After all this time, we finally ventured out. We have been maintaining a lot of social distance, and being careful so far as unnecessary trips and gatherings, and we were so glad for the break. Especially me, seeing as I … Continue reading

the road to recovery with rollga foam roller

I was gifted a Rollga Foam Roller for my personal use and honest review. All opinions are my own. Part of the running journey is, interestingly, the road to recovery. It’s something to which we runners could probably pay a … Continue reading

week 23 (2020): almost halfway

We are almost halfway through 2020 at this point, and the hits just keep coming. From the pandemic, to police brutality, to protests and political and racial tensions, to earthquakes, tornadoes and tropical storms. The pile on continues. Sunday – rest … Continue reading

june coffee date: when words aren’t enough

I just don’t know what to say. We are halfway through 2020 and not even the memes are funny anymore. Every day I wake up, just waiting for the next shoe to drop, and every day, I find myself in … Continue reading

celebrate global running day 2020

Global Running Day has come around again. Honestly, with everything going on in the world right now, I am grateful for these little reasons to celebrate. Brights spots lead to hope and hope leads to better days. The very point … Continue reading

week 22 (2020): the one with no title

Another week has gone by and things just seem to be spiraling into madness. Sunday – 3.40 miles, walking Sundays have been our chill days. Mr PugRunner had some recipes planned for the Big Green Egg, and I just wanted to … Continue reading

may runfessions: keep on running

It’s time for our May Runfessions, and my theme is just to “keep on running,” There is so much insanity in our world, and I feel like I have to keep pushing forward in order to see my way clear. … Continue reading

let’s run the bdr florida challenge (virtually)!

The BDR Florida Challenge is the virtual challenge I’ve decided to conquer as the weeks of social distancing continue. Best Damn Race always puts on stellar events, and this virtual challenge promises the same top-notch experience. The BDR Florida Challenge … Continue reading

week 21 (2020): school’s out for summer

School’s out for summer. It’s pandemic week 10. Twenty one weeks of 2020 gone. How many times can I say this is so surreal? The hours, days, and weeks are all blended together. There are days when I breathe easier, … Continue reading

reflections on couch to 5k: the halfway mark

As of today, I am about halfway through the nine-week Couch To 5K running program. This is my second time through the system, and it’s been a decidedly different experience than when I first tried it, over seven years ago. … Continue reading

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