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week 32: a drop in motivation

This week was full of all kinds of ups and downs. In so many ways, we are all ready for this never-ending break to conclude, and fo rum to get back to life as we knew it (in our case, … Continue reading

taking charge of your personal safety

We always talk about personal safety as runners (in my case, especially as a female runner), but until recently, I thought it was more of a passive precaution. That changed, about two weeks ago, when I witnessed my husband become … Continue reading

back to virtual school: learning pandemic-style

It’s the middle of August and that means it’s time to think about going back to virtual school. Since the pandemic put our world on pause, right at the start of Spring Break, we have wondered what this would mean … Continue reading

week 31: summer vacation comes to an end

For better or worse, summer vacation is coming to and end for us in the Runs With Pugs house. I’ve been a bit vague, but we finally got little man’s acceptance to the virtual program of our choice. We applied … Continue reading

august coffee date: take two

So, I got a little excited last week, and jumped the gun on the incredible Ultimate Coffee Date. Oops. However, I am always up for drinking coffee and sharing with friends, so I’m happy for a redo! Join us for … Continue reading

5 ways to swim into shark week 2020

Who’s ready to swim into Shark Week on the Discovery Channel this year? This is one of my favorite television events every year, and I am so happy they were able to go through with it. Starting Sunday, August 9, … Continue reading

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fairweather running: should i stay or should i go?

I have discussed my tendency to “fairweather running” many times on the blog, most notably with my refusal to run in the rain. However, seeing weather conditions experienced by runners throughout the world, I realized that “fairweather running” is, like … Continue reading

week 30: hello august + hello hurricane

I think the title just about sums it up, right? It’s August, and we are currently under a tropical storm warning for TS Isaisas. This storm keeps teetering between its current strength and a hurricane, so we moved some of … Continue reading


runfessing over coffee

It’s that special time of year, when the monthly Runfessions joins forces with the Ultimate Coffee Date! Twice the bloggers, twice the juicy confessions, and twice the deep, dark secrets to share. Who’s with me? Over coffee, I runfess… I … Continue reading

coping with the longterm effects of injury

Eight months ago, my life changed when I fell on my stairs and broke two bones in my leg. I had a lengthy convalescence period, along with surgery and regular physical therapy, but the longterm effects of injury remain present. … Continue reading

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