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strategies for coping with injury

Strategies for coping with injury is my follow up to last week’s post on the Mental Burden of Injury. It’s one thing to be bogged down by all the emotions and sadness, but it’s another to dig out of it. … Continue reading

week 3(20): conserving energy

The overwhelming theme of this week has been “conserving energy.” It seems I only have so much (it’s increasing as we go), but I had some big events on the calendar, and I needed to make sure I was in … Continue reading

the mental burden of injury

When I broke my leg in November, I was prepared for pain and discomfort in recovery. After my surgery, I wrote a little bit about some side effects I found surprising, but thought things would just move along. I was … Continue reading

week 2(20): one month post-op

The start of the week marked one month post-op for me, and I admit that a bit of doubt has started creeping in. Mr. PugRunner keeps saying I am in “the first quarter” of all this, but at this stage … Continue reading


week 1.20: new fitness beginnings

2020 comes with the promise of new fitness beginnings. After all, I didn’t start off the year with a race or a run or even a session of 9Round. Really, all I’ve been doing is rotating through prescribed stretches and … Continue reading

january coffee date: new year new me

I know that “New Year New Me” is a bit a trite, and of course, I’m really just the same person I always was. But I’m not the same person. I’ve sustained what we have to call a “life changing … Continue reading

wrapping up 2019

Wrapping up 2019 is the one thing I really want to do. I am usually very much on board with looking ahead to new things, but it’s harder to do that this year. Optimism is tough to muster up these … Continue reading

week #52: the last week of 2019

Here we are: the last week of 2019. I’ll be honest, I won’t be sorry to see it go. These last two months have been sad and hard and not anything like what I thought it would be. I hate … Continue reading

runfessions: running disappointment + a fresh start

Running disappointment is pretty much the theme of these last weeks of the year. I had huge goals and plans, and I fell woefully short, even if it wasn’t my fault. We are entering a new decade, however, and it’s … Continue reading

2020 goals: taking on the new year

It’s kind of hard to think about 2020 goals, especially from where I’m sitting with an ankle full of metal and a walking boot. However, ’tis the season, and I think having some clear-cut goals will be beneficial to me. … Continue reading

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