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using pt to reach your {running} goals

Happy Wednesday, and thanks for joining us for another Runners’ Roundup! We have been so glad to welcome so many voices to this weekly community! I’m not doing much (any) running at all, these days. Instead, my calorie burn comes … Continue reading

taking a running hiatus: be back soon

I have been on a running hiatus since November 23, thanks to a freak accident and some bad luck. Since I started running seven years ago, I have not taken any kind of extended break. There may have been a … Continue reading

week 9 (20): recovery progress

On this gorgeous Sunday, I am so happy to report I am feeling some serious recovery progress. It has been a LONG time coming, but something clicked this past week and my hopes are high. It’s been very easy to … Continue reading

runfessions: embarrassed by limitations

Today, I’m opening up about being embarrassed by limitations. I’m not proud of how I feel, but I do try to be honest about this journey with all its ups and downs. Let’s join up with Marcia’s Healthy Slice and … Continue reading

5 things to say to injured runner friends

It seems that it can be a bit of a struggle coming up with things to say to injured runner friends. I have never been one to police what people’s words, but this past week, I received some truly mind-boggling … Continue reading

week 8 (20): 12 weeks post op

Here we are, 12 weeks post op. Almost six weeks of getting the big thumbs-up from the surgeon and starting to bear weight. To be honest, it feels like forever. Even longer when you add in the weeks between the … Continue reading

{recovery} doubt comes in

I know that recovery doubt seems a little dark after yesterday’s post, but here we are. My plan was to share “The Plan,” complete with full excitement and enthusiasm. I accomplished that, but there is an emotional setback that popped … Continue reading

a look inside my comeback plan

My “Comeback Plan” has been rattling around in my head since the day I broke my leg. I think it’s only natural to want to focus on getting back to the normal, even while in the midst of a trauma. … Continue reading

week 7 (20): coping with the vacation hangover

Ugh, the vacation hangover. That awful feeling when you return to the real world from vacation and nothing is ever quite the same. I grappled with this condition all week, and only the current three-day weekend seems to be helping. … Continue reading

things i’m loving on valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s Day! So this isn’t my favorite of the days, but I am all about embracing themes and enjoying it! I wore pink and red to physical therapy this morning, and the PTs got a kick out of my … Continue reading

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