weekly recap: 4/3 – 4/9

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If you do a weekly recap post, this is a great way to check in with other active bloggers. I love the added support, sharing and accountability!

It was the first full week of purposely not running, while filling in with other activities. I was fairly certain I would be bored and not feel quite as fulfilled, but I have surprised myself with how productive I have felt.

Sunday – 60 minutes Yoga on the Square

As part of the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon & 5K weekend, New Balance hosted a “Yoga on the Square” event at 9:00 on Sunday morning. Led by an instructor from Savannah Power Yoga, we enjoyed 60 minutes of moderate flow. It was one of the best practices I’ve had to date.

My mom and I checked out of the hotel and spent a little more time wandering around Savannah before we had to head home. On the down side, my windshield got cracked on the drive home by an errant rock that bounced up. Fortunately, we were both ok, and it would be easy to have the glass replaced, but it caused a little added stress on the ride.

Monday – 60 minutes body circuit, 5 miles cycling

Apparently, it was arm day. The ladies at Empower Fitness & Coaching worked us hard with a series of curls, rows and extensions. I was absolutely feeling the burn and loving every minute of it.

When we were done, I hopped on Mr PugRunner’s bike. I’ve been dealing with the beach cruiser for a while and wanted to see how a road bike handled. It was night and day. I flew through five miles like it was nothing, and, I will admit, I may have gotten a taste for cycling.

Since I had been away, I had laundry and cleaning and food shopping to catch up on. Not the most fun, but it was good to be home. Oh, and I also had to get Miss Molly to the vet for some help getting her weight and measurements. She had a big surprise coming this week.

Tuesday – rest

I took full advantage of my rest day. My arms were (and would be) a little sore, so I was glad that I just had work and hanging out with the the family for the day.

Wednesday – 60 minutes cycling, 60 minutes yoga

After getting little man on the bus, my neighbor texted met to ask if she could join me for my bike ride. I was glad for the company, and told her that I was planning on doing 10 to 12 miles. She was totally game, and we had a blast. It’s amazing how much faster the miles fly by when on a bike as compared to running.

We ended up with an even 11, and it felt great.

That evening, I was really excited to get to yoga. I really want to start working more on my crow and my wheel. To be honest, my arms were still too sore from Monday to press up into wheel, but my crow is sooo close!

Thursday – rest

When we were all home, we get a delivery to the front door: Molly’s new wheels from K9 Carts!

It was very lightweight and incredibly easy to put together. It didn’t take us any time to get her into it, and with a little bit of encouragement, she was cruising!

Of course, her favorite thing seemed to be running over my bare feet, but whatever works.

We were able to take her for her first walk in forever, and she really seemed to enjoy it. I am so happy that we were able to help her get some of her mobility back.  It’s going to make all the difference in the world for her.

Friday – 40 minutes cycling, 60 minutes body circuit

I piggybacked my workouts: 40 minutes on the bike, directly followed by body circuit.

My big cycling goal for the day was to get in the actual bike lane on the actual road. This is something that has been terrifying me, but I had to get over it.

And I made it! Only for one stretch of road, and I was absolutely unable to cross the street, but it will come.

I logged an exhilarating nine miles, and then really pushed myself in class. It was great.

We didn’t have plans for that evening, but my friend texted to see if little man could come over for a playdate with her child, and that works out great. The kids are such good buddies and have a blast together. It warms my heart.

Saturday –  rest

Since we have been going and going and going, we decided that we would play this weekend cool and low-key.

First, little man had a cooking class at the Publix Cooking School. He has been a huge help around the kitchen, so we thought he might like learning some new recipes in a big, fancy kitchen. With the rest of the class, he made five different dishes, and loved taste-testing them.

Then we zipped over to his karate studios so he could have his annual photos taken. I can’t wait to get our prints!

We ended the night with pizza on our patio. The weather has been gorgeous and we are taking full advantage!


Even though I didn’t log one running mile, it felt like a solid, great week. And I am excited to see where cycling goes. I am really hopeful that it will help build up my base so that when I am ready to run again, I won’t be quite such a breathless, wheezing mess.

How was your week in training?

Have you been able to enjoy the spring yet?

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